Top 5 Romantic Movies to Get You in the Mood for Valentine’s Day

POPPERS, it’s that time of the year again – filled with lots of chocolate, love, and romantic movies. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we want to share with you 5 of our favorite rom-coms that will put you in a lovey dovey mood.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

Brown Sugar (Sanaa Lathan & Taye Diggs)

Sidney & Dre are two hip hop loving friends who lose touch and find their way back to each other as adults. Their love of hip hop brings them together and romantic feelings seep in while one is engaged and the other married.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

Sweet Home Alabama (Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas, Patrick Dempsey)

Country turned city girl Melanie Carmichael returns to her hometown of Alabama to obtain a divorce from her husband to marry her new bigshot fiancé. When he doesn’t grant her the divorce right away, we watch how she struggles if she made the right decision or not.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

27 Dresses (Katherine Heigl, James Marsden)

Serial bridesmaid Jane decides it’s time for her to gain the courage to tell her boss that she secretly loves him but her sister comes to town and swoops him right from underneath her. While helping to plan her sisters wedding, she meets a wedding writer with whom she becomes comfortable with, opening her eyes to another chance at love – if only she can see it.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts & Richard Gere)

Handsome businessman Edward Lewis hires hooker Vivian to be his escort for a week.  While together, they learn a lot about each other – leading them to fall in love.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

The Wedding Planner ( Jennifer Lopez & Matthew McConaughey)

Mary Fiore, a top wedding planner meets a handsome doctor when she takes a fall in the street. She falls in love with him – only to realize he is the groom of a high profile wedding she is planning.

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Perfect Gift, Now Playing: Get the New York Times Film Club Gift Membership for a Loved One (& Yourself) this Holiday Season.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving

Winter is slowly but surely creeping up on us for its seasonal stay-cation. The air is getting chillier, the jackets are getting bulkier, and Holiday lights are popping up on every street corner. It’s just about time to break out the homemade hot chocolate, play holiday music, and spend lots of time with the people that make your winter feel a little less cold.

With the excitement of the holidays also comes the desire to get your loved ones a thoughtful gift with priceless meaning. Well POPPERS… The POP Bag is here to make this decision a little bit easier for you this year. We have found the perfect Holiday gift for the fellow movie buff in your life and want to share it with all of our lovely POPPERS and POPPETTES.

* Drumroll *


This season give the film gift that just keeps on giving… the New York Times Film Club Gift Membership that is. By purchasing a New York Times Film Club Membership, you will be gifting your loved one:

  • 1 Ticket to their chose of 12 new film preview screenings from among dozens offered annually (with select screenings offering talkbacks with film talent and film experts)
  • 1 Ticket to each of 2 red-carpet premiers of classic films or new releases
  • Live discussions from film talent, film experts, and New York Times journalists at select screenings
  • Members-only discounts to select TimesTalks film-related live events and on NYT Store merchandise


Are these juicy membership exclusives making you want to get your very own membership?

Well good! The New York Times Film Club offers a reduced price to those who purchase a Dual Membership, so you can gift one membership to your loved one and one to yourself for being such a good gift giver! It’s a WIN-WIN all around.


Not a New York POPPER? That’s A-OK! The New York Times Film Club also offers club memberships in Los Angeles and San Francisco for all of those West Coast movie lovers.

The New York Times Film Club is THE cream of the crop when it comes to film clubs so this gift opportunity is something you cannot afford to miss out on. For more information on the New York Times Film Club and their membership offerings, or to purchase a membership, head on over to:… You won’t regret it.


Also, if your interested in hearing more about the New York Times Film Club and their upcoming promotions with The POP Bag, come on down to Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC this Friday for our promotional opening night event for Office Christmas Party and Jackie (stay tuned for showtimes and event details.)


See you there, POPPERS!

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Pop, Lock, and Drop It with Us

Here at The POP Bag family, we love our loyal POPPERS, but we also love our new POPPERS! For those of you who are not a POPPER yet, might be scratching your head and wondering what is a POPPER and what are its benefits? And I’m so glad you asked because today mama got the inside scoop about being a POPPER with The POP Bag.


POPPERS are members of The POP Bag and are the first to know about our exclusive offers, contests, and events!

If you’re not part of the POPPER family, what are you waiting for?! You’re missing out on:

  • Knowing about our social media contests
  • Receiving invitations to award-winning events in NYC
  • Earning goodie bags filled with treats from your favorite brands
  • Sampling new and delicious treats
  • Playing trivia games to win prizes

AND the best part is… that all these perks and goodies POPPERS receive are included in the price of your movie ticket!





It’s a fun way for our members to enjoy their time at the movie theater while making friends with other fellow POPPERS! How great is this, can I get a raise the roof?!

We can go on about how pop-ular and grand of a treat this is but it looks like I butter get going to POP Bag’s next event (be on the lookout)!

You don’t want to be that one kernel that doesn’t pop so join us today and be part of the POPPER family at The POP Bag. Click here to join us for more corny treats 🙂

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One Hell of An Event With Inferno

“Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.”
– Dante Alighieri, Inferno

POP Bag inferno EventGuess which event was as hot as flames last Friday, October 28? Oh yeah, you guessed right! With our opening night event at Cinepolis Theater in Chelsea, as Dante described, it was a gift of fate, that our POPPERS went poppin’ crazy for our goodies while watching Inferno.

Dan Brown’s book, Inferno, was transformed into reality as it hit the big screen starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones. This Da Vinci Code dynamic duo did it again in Brown’s trilogy as we watched Langdon (Tom Hanks) running from one place to another, solving puzzles at historical landmarks, giving an interactive experience for the moviegoers as well.

Enter our Inferno Movie Giveaway!Following Tom Hanks into his adventure, POPPERS got exploratory and competitive playing trivia games to win the Inferno movie pack swag (aka Inferno themed prizes, such as a tote bag, a t-shirt, and a poster).

POPPERS also received a POP Bag filled with delicious treats from Alpha Wolf, Fat Witch Bakery, and Pasta Chips. In addition, POPPERS received a coupon code to receive a free Pasta Chips bag!

Sound like fun? It sure was! If you missed out on this event and want to join us next time, become an insider with us or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@thepopbag) and be on the lookout for our announcements about our next promotional event for your chance to win cool prizes, have a time full of fun, meet new friends, and receive delicious and splendid free goodies!

POP Bag Inferno Event

POP Bag inferno Event

POP Bag inferno Event

POP Bag Inferno Event We can’t wait to see you amazing POPPERS soon! Ciao POPPERS, stay hot and stay inferno.

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We’re Howling for Alpha Wolf

Do you ever have trouble focusing or get bombarded with mental fatigue and a sugar crash, no matter how many coffees or energy drinks you consume? Well, guess what, POPPERS? We have discovered a no-frills drink that will restore your faith in the focus-promoting beverage market. They call themselves Alpha Wolf and The POP Bag is delighted to have them back for another POPPING opening night event. This time they’re here for Inferno, which is pretty fitting considering that Alpha Wolf fires us up.

Alpha Wolf logoLet’s get something straight before we continue: Alpha Wolf and is NOT an energy drink. To be precise, Alpha Wolf is a vitamin-enhanced water beverage that naturally promotes focus without the sugar-induced crash of energy drinks and coffee beverages. With naturally derived caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids, Alpha Wolf is the type of beverage that your body wants you to drink.Alpha Wolf Drinks

Alpha Wolf was created by founder Michael Chalavoutis who, while studying for the MCAT, was struggling to balance his workload with his busy social life. Michael created Alpha Wolf for himself and for all determined and hardworking individuals so that they can finally fortify their bodies and promote focus through a natural, convenient product.

Release your inner wolf this Friday, October 28th at the Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema. Separate yourselves from the pack and try the four exploding flavors that we will be offering:  Fruit Punch, Lemon, Passionfruit Pineapple, Goji-Pomegranate Mango. Learn more about this event here.

Check out Alpha Wolf’s delicious flavors on their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @drinkalphawolf.

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Watch Inferno and Keep Calm – Eat Pasta Chips


The POP Bag is very excited to welcome Pasta Chips into our POPPIN’ family! Pasta Chips has teamed up with The POP Bag to bring you a one-of-a-kind opening night experience for the new film Inferno, the third installment in Dan Brown’s DiVinci Code series.

So what exactly are Pasta Chips? Well, they are precisely what they sound like: delicious semolina flour pasta, covered in authentic Italian herbs and seasoning, gently baked into a crispy chip. This means that you can finally get your dose of traditional Italian flavors in an easy, convenient snack.

Pasta Chips is a relatively new company having been founded in 2013 by Italian cuisine enthusiast, Jerry Bello. Despite being a young company, the ingredients and seasonings utilized by Pasta Chips are greatly influenced by the centuries-old traditional Italian culture and lifestyle. With flavors from Alfredo to Garlic Olive Oil to Marinara, POPPERS will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in genuine Italian flavors with a convenient, contemporary spin.

If you like what you hear, come and feast on the delicious Italian taste of Pasta Chips this Friday at The POP Bags opening night event for the film Inferno. For more information about Pasta Chips, including fun recipe ideas to try out with your Pasta Chips, you can head on over to their website here.

For further details about The POP Bag’s Inferno event at Cinepolis Chelsea this Friday, head on over to our Facebook event page right here.

See you there, POPPERS!


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Fat Witch Brownies Will Cast A Spell On You!

What’s Halloween without Witches? Less magical that’s what! Witches have the power to bring magic to life & Fat Witch, an NYC-based brownie company, tapped into a little bit of that magic, to create delicious brownies that they call witches. We love these brownies, not only for their delicious flavors but for also managing to keep New York City in the Halloween spirit all year long!

Fat Witch Brownies

Fat Witch takes the traditional brownie recipe and adds their own flair to it, like the Red Witch – a chocolate brownie stuffed with dried cherries. They also make bite-sized brownies that go by the name Witch Babies. These irresistible baby witches come in all sorts of flavors. Our favorite, The Fat Witch Baby,  is a deliciously chocolatey brownie that’ll have you craving more after taking your first bite. If you are in the mood for something a little nutty, the Walnut Baby is the brownie for you. Prefer white chocolate instead of regular chocolate? The Snow Baby will be your brownie of choice.

Fat Witch carries many delicious flavors. Check them out and find your favorite on their website here or see the brownie magic unfold live on their Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram pages.

Want to taste it this Friday? Come to our Inferno opening night event at Cinepolis Cinema and grab a Fat Witch Baby. Learn more about our event here.

Can’t make it? You can always head down to Chelsea Market to get your hands on one of these delectable treats.

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Top 13 Best Horror Movie Villains

What makes a good horror movie villain? Is it the way they frighten you and make you hide underneath the blankets struck with fear or is it the way they inflict pain onto others? No matter what, one thing is clear –  if you see any of the villains in our top 13 list, you better run as fast as you can!

13. Children of the Corn


This town has only one restriction, kill off anyone who is over the age of eighteen. Yikes! Make sure to mark this town off your next road trip.

12. Jaws52c9822c-ecb7-4d15-8fa2-66a461c2836c

The ocean is already a terrifying place, but with this great white lurking around, you’ll be too scared to ever enter the ocean again.

11. Pennywise


You taste much better when you’re afraid

…said the creepy clown from Stephen King’s It. Children stay far away from this clown unless you want to be his next meal. 

10. Jigsaw


In Saw, Jigsaw always has some deadly game he wants to play…. too bad we are not interested.

9. Norman Bates


You would never suspect this humble hotel owner to go completely Psycho. A word of advice? Never check into the Bates Motel – it may be the last place you’ll ever stay.

8. Christine


Isn’t she a beauty! Christine is a ’58 Plymouth Fury with the mindset of “if I can’t have you no one will”. She is the type of car you admire from a safe distance. 

7. Jack Torrance


Heeere’s Johnny!

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You do not want to be around when Jack decides to come out and play. – The Shining 

6. Annie Wilkes


You’re going to be just fine. I’ll take good care of you. I’m your number one fan

If Annie ever tells you she’s your biggest fan, run and don’t look back because her type of love will end in Misery.

5. Leatherface


Not only is this maniac running around chopping people up with a Chainsaw, He’s turning their skin into wearable masks in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Stay as far away from him if you can!

4. Michael Myers


I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes; the devil’s eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply…evil. – Dr. Loomis from Halloween

From this description alone, we never want to come into contact or even hear the name Michael. He is the true example of evil incarnate.

3. Jason Voorhees

6137990b60940e20This machete-wielding killer in Friday the 13th is the reason we are afraid to stay in the woods after dark and you should too.

2. Freddy Krueger


One, two, Freddy’s coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late
Nine, ten, never sleep again – Nightmare on Elm Street

Who’s your number one villain?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. The one mentioned the most will be featured in the post!

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Kicking Off October Right – With The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky, The Addams Family. The house is a museum, Where people come to see em’, They really are a scream. The Addams Family.

The POP Bag Blog - The Addams Family

We all wait in anticipation for the day, we can go out a dress up as anything we want, eat as much candy as we want, and have a ball. So as we sit and wait for this one special day that we know as HALLOWEEN, we prep ourselves by watching as many scary movies as possible. Who better to kick off this countdown to Halloween than one of the most famous spooky families of all, The Addams Family!

This eccentric, unapologetic, and wealthy family consist of Gomez the father of the unusual bunch, Morticia the mother, Uncle Fester, Lurch the manservant, Grandmama, Wednesday the daughter, Pugsley the son, Cousin Itt whose entire body is covered by long hair and Thing the disembodied hand. The best way to describe this family is a quote from Morticia herself “Normal is an illusion. What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly.”

The POP Bag Blog - The Addams Family

You get to indulge in the darker and weirder things in life without screaming and hiding under the blankets with The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values movies. This family will help to get you in the Halloween mood with their twisted sense of humor, and their fascination with death .

Love The Addams Family as much as we do? Freeform will be showing both movies back to back during their 18th annual 13 nights of Halloween this October. Check out the schedule and get your Halloween on here.

Let's Kick off October Right with The Addams Family. Check out our love for this movie on our blog!
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Get Rigged Up To See Deepwater Horizon & Giveaway!

Remember April 20, 2010, and the detrimental causes that occurred? We heard the stories over and over again about how it was the worse man-made disaster ever created. But what about its heroic crew? Director Peter Berg teams up again with Mark Wahlberg for Deepwater Horizon, which tells the story of the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on that day.  


This film however does not focus on the environmental damage that was caused but solely on the valiancy of the crew. We are introduced to Mike Williams played by Mark Wahlberg and the crew – Mr.Jimmy(Kurt Russell), Donald Vidrine(John Malkovich), Caleb Holloway (Dylan O’Brien) and Andrea Fleytas(Gina Rodriguez) are working on the oil rig called Deepwater Horizon. Tragedy hits when the oil rig explodes creating a disaster no one foresaw.

Wahlberg’s Character Mike shows us how heroic he is in the face of adversity. Instead of panicking and freaking out, he focuses on two major things: damage control and the survival of the crew. One thing that we’ve always been able to count on is Mark Wahlberg’s ability to have a stand out performance.

Deepwater Horizon Giveaway Deepwater Horizon is opening September 30th and we have joined with Lionsgate to give a chance to win a prize pack that includes: a thermos & flashlight. Enter to win through the rafflecopter below.

You can also see it this weekend at Cinepolis Chelsea NYC. Purchase your tickets here.




a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter our Deepwater Horizon Giveaway for a chance to win a thermal and flashlight!
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POP Bag Event will be Absolutely Fabulous…The Movie!

The POP Bag will be having an opening night promotional event for Absolutely Fabulous the Movie Friday, July 22nd at Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC starting with the 3:15 p.m. showtime while supplies last.absolutely-fabulous-the-movie-poster-01-670-380

The New York Times Film Club will be sponsoring this event and giving POPPERS a special 20% off annual membership discount. Annual benefits include a plethora of discounts, special offers, film preview screenings, and film premiere invites. Check out more about the NYTFC on their website for more info.


This event will also be featuring ALPHA WOLF drinks in Lemon, Passionfruit Pineapple, Fruit Punch, and Gogi-Pomegranate- Mango. ALPHA WOLF is the perfect burst of flavor and energy for any occasion -especially for a night out with the Absolutely Fabulous the Movie‘s ladies,  London publicist Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and best friend Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley). These cheeky girls are fleeing to the French Riviera after they accidentally knock supermodel Kate Moss into the River Thames…so fasten your girdles ladies cause this movie is going to take us for a wild ride. For more info about ALPHA WOLF visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages using the handle @drinkalphawolf.


#Separatefromthepack and join The POP Bag for this opening night promotional event for Absolutely Fabulous the Movie at Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC starting with the 3:15 p.m. showtime while supplies last.

Get your tickets at the Cinepolis website because Absolutely Fabulous the Movie is a huge, great bloody movie, Sweetie!





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The POP Bag’s Star Trek Beyond Event Will Be Out of this World

You don’t have to be a Trekkie to be excited for the new installment in the Stark Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond opening this Friday, July 22nd. star-trek-beyond-movie-poster

Our event  starts with the 4:30 p.m. showtime while supplies last. Star Trek Beyond tells the epic adventure of Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), and the rest of the Enterprise crew (Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Idris Elba) as they are stranded on a hostile planet and must face an alien threat. Directed by the man behind several Fast and Furious movies, Justin Lin takes Star Trek Beyond to edge of the galaxy.

Thrilling action + Iconic Galactic Franchise = Must- See movie.


Like we said, you don’t have to be a Trekkie to know Star Trek Beyond will be killer. With this is mind, the POP Bag is hosting an out-of-this world opening night promotional event for the opening night Star Trek Beyond Friday, July 22nd at Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC starting with the 4:30 p.m. showtime while supplies last.

The New York Times Film Club will be sponsoring the event and giving a special 20% off membership offer and discount code just for our POPPERS that you won’t want to miss. Annual Benefits include 12 new film previews, red carpet premieres and special events, talks with film talent and times journalists, and members-only discounts and special offers. Check the NYTFC on their website.

nytOur event will also be featuring ALPHA WOLF- a great tasting, bold looking, jitter free, focus beverage. ALPHA WOLF targets mental fatigue at its source (your brain) and provides all the raw material to replace what is being broken down during the day that is making you tired. This is done through a special blend of botanicals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. One of the botanicals in ALPHA WOLF is grape seed extract which contains antioxidant compounds that are up to 20 times stronger than vitamin C. ALPHA WOLF is there to help you get through all your daily challenges- work, the gym, study sessions, late night adventures, and pretty much anytime you need to be in a refreshed focused mental state. BONUS: ALPHA WOLF IS ONLY 5 CALORIES, NO CRASH OR JITTERS, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORINGS OR COLORS, AND IS NON-CARBONATED. POPPERS will have a chance to take home one of four flavors in Lemon, Fruit Punch, Passionfruit-Pineapple, and Gogi-Pomegranate- Mango! To discover more about this amazing product check ALPHA WOLF out on their website or @drinkalphawolf on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


POPPERS, take a note from Star Trek and Live Long and Prosper. Come to the POP Bag’s opening night promotional event sponsored by the New York Times Film Club and featuring ALPHA WOLF at Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC on Friday, July 22nd starting with the 4:30 p.m. showtime while supplies last.

Get your tickets on the advance tickets on the Cinepolis website or box office.

Our Star Trek event was out of this world & featured The New York Times Film Club & delicious good for you drink Alpha Wolf.
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Who You Gonna Call for a POP Bag Event? Ghostbusters!



The POP Bag is thrilled to announce our promotional event for the opening night of the new Ghostbusters movie  Friday, July 15 at Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC starting at the 4:00 p.m. showtime while supplies last. The new Ghostbusters reboot stars the funniest women in show business Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones- ghosts beware, but POPPERS get ready for this hysterical and paranormal storm.

The New York Times Film Club will be sponsoring the event and giving a special 20% off membership offer and discount code just for our POPPERS that you won’t want to miss. Annual Benefits include 12 new film previews, red carpet premieres and special events, talks with film talent and times journalists, and members-only discounts and special offers.

nytOur event will also be featuring Rob’s Brands Popcorn in variety of unique flavors like Brazilian Coconut, Pineapple Habanero, Himalayan Pink Salt, Banging’ Cheddar, and Sweet & Salty. All these flavors are gluten-free, kosher and the Himalayan Pink Salt and Sweet & Salty are vegan! Rob’s Brands are a carefree snack with an edge; after all, just because something is healthy doesn’t mean flavor should be sacrificed. You can check out more about their fantastic products at their website.

Last but not least, POPPERS will be given a unique opportunity to win some scary-great Ghostbusters themed prizes like a hoodie, zip-up jacket, cap, t-shirt, backpack, water bottle, hand sanitizer, headlight, or the latest book by Ghostbusters Erin Gilbert (Kristin Wiig) and Abby L. Yates (Melissa McCarthy) Ghosts From Our Past Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal. For more information about this paranormal “best-seller” visit their website and Facebook page.  POPPERS, all you have to do to win a free copy is come on down to our promotional event for your chance to win one of these prizes at our famous trivia games.images-3

So don’t forget to purchase your tickets on the Cinepolis website.




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NY Times Film Club Stars in “Legend of Tarzan” Event

So do you love movies? Love the people who love them too? You’ll find plenty of both at The New York Times Film Club. Unknown3495099000000578-0-image-m-3_1464134033306

We at the POP Bag are really pumped about our promotional event for the opening night of The Legend of Tarzan which premieres this Friday, July 1st at Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea starting with the 1:15 p.m. showtime while supplies last. BUT, the icing on the cake is that The New York Times Film Club is participating in our event with a special offer just for our POPPERS.

The offer is this summer you can enjoy a 20% off savings on a new annual NYTimes Film Club membership. You will receive a card at our event with the discount code. 

The New York Times Film Club offers many types of memberships and benefits like individual and dual memberships in New York City, Los Angeles, and – new in 2016- San Francisco. Memberships also make a great gift for a movielover!

Annual membership benefits include:

  • 12 new film previews
  • Red carpet premiers and special events
  • Talks with film talent and Times journalists
  • Members- only discounts and special offers

The New York Times Film Club is the gold standard of cinefiles, so we know that their participation in our Legend of Tarzan event means its going to something to watch! Purchase your tickets to The Legend of Tarzan at 

Check out more about The New York Times Film club on their website.


Love the movies? Then the New York Times Film Club is perfect for you!
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