Feeling the Love with Chocolove Almond Butter Cups

Chocolove Almond Butter Cups

What is going on with the weather here in NYC? One minute, we are enjoying the nice sunshine, the next minute we are cold! The constant changing of weather has us feeling down in the dumps – especially because we are ready to break out the spring wardrobe and throw away(we mean put away) our coats until next winter. Chocolate tends to help bring up our mood so we decided to take a quick break to pick up a snack. While perusing the aisles of Whole Foods, we spied something new from one of our favorite chocolate brands – Chocolove almond butter cups. We had to choose between dark and milk chocolate and decided to go with the milk.

Before taking a bite, we had to take note of the cute little heart imprinted on the chocolate – so sweet! Flavor wise – this is delicious! The milk chocolate is nicely sweet – not over powering. As noted on the package, it has a 33% cocoa content. There is just the right amount of almond butter inside the cup and it’s also not bland, as we know almond butter can be sometimes. The ingredient list is perfect – only being made up of four ingredients. Overall, we think this a great snack. You can either eat the one package by yourself or share the other cup with someone you love. We are definitely feeling this new product from Chocolove and look forward to trying more!

Ready to taste it for yourself? Learn more about Chocolove and where you can purchase their delicious goodies here.


We tried Chocolove's new almond butter cups and we love them! Check out our review!
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Have a Fiesta with Our Must-Watch Movies for Cinco De Mayo!

Looking for a little something to add to your Fiesta? How about one of our must-watch movies for Cinco De Mayo. Check them out below:

Three Amigos

Three Amigos - Must-Watch Movies for Cinco De Mayo

This 1986 comedy brought together Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, & Martin Short as the Three Amigos – silent film stars who are mistaken for real heroes by people in a small Mexican Village. They thought they were there to do a show but turns out, the village thought they could help them fight El Guapo, the bandit who keeps stealing their money. This movie is filled with lots of laughs and worth checking out – if you haven’t seen it already.


Desperado - Must Watch Movies for Cinco De Mayo

This 1995 movies starred Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi, who wanted revenge against the drug lord who killed his lover. Want to learn the backstory? Check out El Mariachi and for the continuation – Once Upon a Time in Mexico.


Frida- Must-Watch Movie for Cinco De Mayo

This 2002 biopic drama starred Salma Hayek as Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. This movie told the story of her life and how she began painting – to her up and down relationship with her husband.

What movies do you have to add to our list?

Check out our Must-Watch Movies for Cinco de Mayo featuring Frida, Desperado, & Three Amigos
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2017 Tribeca Film Festival Movie Picks

It’s that time of the year again, POPPERS! The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival is in town and a lot of great films will be available to watch at Cinepolis Chelsea! Here are a few we think that you should check out:

Super Dark Times

Super Dark Times - The POP Bag's 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Picks

Directed by Kevin Phillips, this film tells the story of two best friends, Josh & Zach who one day decide to take Josh’s older brothers samurai sword to play with at the local park. That afternoon spirals out of control with Zach feeling guilty and Josh showing signs of off-balance behavior. Learn more and purchase tickets here.
The Death & Life of Marsha P. Johnson

The Death & Life of Marsha P. Johnson - The POP Bag's 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Picks

David France’s documentary focuses on “street queen” Marsha P. Johnson, a fixture in NYC’s gay ghetto, who along with fellow trans activist, Sylvia Rivera, founded STAR(Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries) in Greenwich Village. In 1992, Marsha was found floating in the Hudson River, her death ruled as a suicide. The movie seeks to celebrate her life and achievements, while also trying to solve the mystery of her death. Learn more and get tickets here.
The Reagan Show

The POP Bag's 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Picks - The Reagan Show

This documentary uses archival footage to take a look at how Ronald Reagan became president at the height is his Hollywood career. Learn more here.
House of Z

The POP Bag's 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Picks - The House of Z

House of Z follows fashion designer Zac Posen from the beginning of his career until now. This documentary shows how he gained success quickly, hit a few slumps, and where he’s at now. Learn more here.
My Friend Dahmer

The POP Bag's 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Picks - My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer tells the story of Jeffrey Dahmer before he became a serial killer. He was a teenage loner who conducted grisly experiments in a makeshift backyard lab. He was invisible to most until his weird behavior attracted some friends. Check it out here.

Click here to see a schedule of all movies playing during the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.
The POP Bag's 2017 Tribeca Film Festival Picks
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Ghost in the Shell (2017) Film Review

Greetings POPPERS! The live-action film Ghost in the Shell is receiving very questionable reviews, so we had to watch the film ourselves to see if it lived up to the essence of the Japanese manga created by Masamune Shirow. The premise is complex at times, so let’s discuss it, and then we’ll get to the good stuff!

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell(2017) POP Bag Review 

This fantasy/science fiction/action film takes place in the future where humans are able to insert their “ghost” into a cybernetic body, also referred to as a “shell”.  These turned cyborgs have been given enhanced abilities, such as increased strength, vision, and intelligence. Who is the mastermind behind this technologically advanced method you ask? It’s the leading research and development organization called Hanka Robotics and it’s genius Dr. Ouelet. Now, they have successfully created a cybernetic organism for the first time by implanting the brain of Motoko Kusanagi in a “shell”. Motoko’s body was injured so badly that only her brain was salvageable. As a result, Motoko’s brain was inserted into a shell instead of having an AI built, which left Motoko to become the first successful man-machine hybrid.

Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell

Dr. Ouelet decided to give her a new identity as a counter-terrorist operative named Major Mira Killian to help keep Hanka Robotics from outside threats; however, the now Major Mira Killian, is experiencing glitches after her first mission due to Dr. Ouelet keeping some of Motoko’s memories stored in her brain. As more “glitches” take place, Major Mira Killian begins questioning her memories, especially after she learns that there was a prior experiment that “failed”, which goes by the name of The Puppeteer. With similar cybernetic attributes to that of Major Mira Killian, The Puppeteer informs Major Mira Killian that the drugs she is taking, as instructed by Dr. Ouelet under Hanka Robotics’ orders, is suppressing her true memories.

Now, let’s move on to the amazing scenery of the film. The scenery throughout the film was absolutely awe striking. The aerial shots of futuristic Tokyo with 80 ft. tall holographic geishas and orange koi fishes swimming circles around giant office buildings, painted a realistic picture of a bustling, technology-centric metropolis that could very well be Tokyo in the distant future. It felt so authentic yet so outlandish – in the best way possible. This highly updated, future-fied version of modern day Japan was a beautiful contrast to the bleak, gray-scaled setting seen in the less affluent parts of Tokyo.

The industrial, whitewashed cement, technology-barren apartment buildings of run-down Tokyo was a tragically beautiful sight to see against the pixelated images of the city that the audience was used to. It was magical! The moments of silence in the movie were the most amazing we have ever seen in a film. There’s one scene in particular, of a geisha silently walking down a hallway at a chillingly slow pace with no intelligible background noise. The silence of the scene, the swiftness of the geisha’s steps, and the haunting feeling of the hallway she is walking down set a tone of pin-drop silence, perfectly setting the audience for the forthcoming calamity.

There are countless moments in this film that incorporate various authentic facets of the Tokyo culture, while also accomplishing the storytelling goal of the film. From the crowded hustle and bustle of Tokyo, to the tech-centered city and its inhabitants, to the typical Japanese caricatures of geishas and other eastern images – the film absolutely transports the audience to a realistic look at what Japan could be in, say, 300 – 500 years (?)

Aside from the great special effects and scenery, the film stayed true to the concept and theme of the original Ghost in the Shell with all of the fighting scenes, the creation of Major Mira Killian, and the thought-provoking story that questions the more-machine and part-human complexity. However, we get the feeling it slightly missed the mark, and didn’t live up to its predecessor.

Ghost in the Shell wasn’t a bad movie . The original manga focused less on spectacle and more on its philosophy, while the live action version focused more on the special effects and went deeply into explaining everything that was happening instead of just delving into the philosophy of the movie. If you look at the movie on its own, it is just another Hollywood action movie set in the future that gets deep sometimes but not enough to make a lasting impact. While the original Ghost in the Shell developed a cult following, it lacked a wide appeal so some changes were made; therefore, it became more Americanized to make it more palatable towards American audiences, which we personally believe detracts from the movie and takes away from the things that made the original so great.

No matter the outcome, the live-action film for Ghost in the Shell is well-done, and we definitely recommend you watch it! It will certainly put things in a more realistic perspective, and will entertain you, so visit www.cinepolisusa.com to purchase your tickets today and get ready to be fully entertained. If you are in NYC, then visit Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema for a epic movie experience!

The POP Bag Review for Ghosts in the Shell
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A Prank Movie for April Fools Day

Ah today is April Fools Day – a day where friends and even non-friends try to prank each other. The most common prank seems to be someone announcing their pregnancy – but how many times can you fall for that? Now, if you’re not in to the whole pranking your friends thing, you may be into watching a prank movie for April Fools Day and we have just the right flick for you – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

A Prank Movie for April Fools Day - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This John Hughes classic starred Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller, a high school slacker who decided to feign sickness to play hooky from school. The Dean of Students knew he was a truant and made it his goal to catch him. While playing “sick”,  Ferris decided to visit his friend Cameron, who was actually sick, and convinced him to let them drive his fathers Ferrari to Chicago for some sightseeing. That is where the adventure began! Here are some of our favorite funny parts from the movie:


  • The parking attendants stealing the Ferrari and taking it on a joy rideA Prank Movie for April Fool's Day - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Ferris pretending to be the “Sausage King of Chicago”

A Prank Movie for April Fools Day - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  • Ferris joining a parade and lip syncing The Beatles “Twist and Shout”

A Prank Movie for April Fools Day - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

After all the fun, they head back home  but the question remains – will Ferris get caught? We suggest you watch this funny film today!

What other prank movies would you recommend?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a great prank movie to watch on April Fools Day.
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A Magical Beauty & The Beast Opening Night Event

Be our Guest, Be our Guest, Be our Guest!

The POP Bag's Beauty & The Beast EventBonjour POPPERS!

Last Friday, we had the most magical time at our Beauty & The Beast opening night event at Cinepolis Chelsea! Moviegoers young and old, we’re so excited to experience the live version of a classic….and were not disappointed.

Moviegoers were treated to delicious strawberry tarts from Brooklyn based Megpies.

Megpies at The POP Bag's Beauty & The Beast Event

In addition, they also received Element Snacks rice cakes in vanilla orange, strawberry n’ cream, and dark chocolate.

Element Snacks & Megpies at The POP Bag's Beauty & The Beast Event

Want to POP up at our next event? Become a POP Bag Insider here. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.


We had a magical time at our Beauty & The Beast event!
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5 Must Watch Movies for St. Patrick’s Day

Dia Daoibh POPPERS!

We are sharing our 5 must watch movies for St. Patrick’s Day. Check them out below!

Gangs of New York - Must Watch Movie for St. Patrick's Day
 5. Gangs of New York (2002)
This movie featured a battle between the “Natives” and the recently arrived Irish, Catholic immigrants in Lower Manhattan. Leonardo DiCaprio played the main character, who returned to Lower Manhattan seeking revenge for his father’s (Liam Neeson) death.

Must Watch Movie for St. Patrick's Day
4. Far and Away (1992)
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starred in this film about Irish immigrants who moved to the United States to claim land in Oklahoma. As they figured out ways to make money, he became a boxer but lost a fight and was beaten up and robbed by his employers’ men.  This film showed the struggle of immigrants trying to survive in a new country but not without trials and tribulations.

The Quiet Man - Must Watch Movie for St. Patrick's Day
3. The Quiet Man (1952)
Winner of the Academy Award for Best Director for John Ford, this film featured John Wayne as Sean Thornton, a boxer from America who returned home to Ireland to reclaim his family’s farm and met Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O’Hara) with whom he fell in love with.

The Secret of Kells - Must Watch Movie for St. Patrick's Day
2. The Secret of Kells (2009)
This animated, family-friendly story featured Brendan (Evan McGuire), a young curious boy who lived in a tightly knit community in the Monastery of Kells. His adventures began after the visit of the master illuminator, who brought with him an unfinished book filled with secrets and powers. Brendan took on the role of helping to complete the book, conquering his deepest fears and meeting Aislin (Christen Mooney), who helped him along the way.

Leprechaun - Must Watch Movie for St. Patrick's Day
1. Leprechaun (1993)
Dan O’Grady returned to the U.S. after stealing a Leprechaun’s gold. Out for revenge, the Leprechaun followed him but O’Grady was able to lock him away in the basement. 10 years later, a man and his daughter moved in( Jennifer Aniston’s first film) and the Leprechaun was accidentally released and created havoc in everyone’s lives.
A Look at 5 Must Watch Movies for St. Patrick's Day
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Megpies: Artisan Tarts with LOTS of Heart

Megpies Tarts

start your day right with this jam-packed tart

In 2007, Meghan Ritchie was selling pastries on the front stoop of her Brooklyn home. Now, about 10 years later, Ritchie’s jam-filled, flaky hand pies can be found gracing the shelves of local Whole Foods and 7,500+ participating Starbucks locations nationwide. Richie’s tarts, known officially as Megpies, have quickly grown from a small, one-man operation into a beloved sweet treat with an adoring and active fan base.

Megpies at Starbucks

 As Megpies continues to gain momentum, praise, and popularity, it’s clear that there’s no stopping them and their journey to the top. With that said, The POP Bag is extremely excited to be a part of the Megpies journey as we welcome them into our POPPING family. We have teamed up with them to bring you two (yes, TWO) one-of-a-kind opening night film events – more on that later. First, we need to answer: what is a Megpie…?

In short, Megpies are 4-inch, flaky (but not too flaky), frosted hand tarts filled with tons of delicious jam. With flavors like Strawberry, Cinnamon + Brown Sugar, Chocolate, and this season’s flavor, Cherry, there’s a Megpie to satisfy any type of sweet tooth craving. However, Megpies as a business is much more than their delicious tarts. It is the hard work and dedication invested by Meghan Richie and her boyfriend, Paul Jones, to get their sales from 300 to 3000 a week in just 6 months. Megpies is the commitment and resilience by both Richie and Jones, which led to Starbucks placing them in a few select NYC stores, then 30 locations, and now every single Starbucks-operated store in the United States. Megpies is not just a collection of delectable tarts; it is the 10+ year story that got them here.

Megpies Founders

It sounds too good to be true, right? Then come “jam” with us at our opening night event for Kong: Skull Island this Friday, March 10th at Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema in NYC and taste Megpies’ Cinnamon + Brown Sugar tarts (YUM!) Our event begins with the 5:30 pm show – while supplies last – so head on over here to purchase your tickets now!

megpies cinnamon & brown sugar tart

If you want to learn more about Megpies, visit their website and follow them on Instagram & Twitter.

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook for more information about our upcoming opening night event for Beauty and the Beast (March 17th), where you can get Megpies’ Strawberry jam filled tart!

Have you ever tried Megpies? They are delicious fruit-filled tarts. Check out our review.
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A Look at King Kong

A new Kong is in town. The King Kong franchise has been rebooted, this time in a film called Kong: Skull Island. In this film, we will see the secretive organization known as The Monarch find Kong on Skull Island, battling against the Skull Crawlers for wiping out his kind. The Monarch is ready to fight him and all the others but while there, realize he is the one that needs to be saved. Before this new film hits theaters Friday, we should revisit some of the past Kong movies.

King Kong 1935 Movie PosterKing Kong (1933)

The original King Kong featured an unforgettable score from Max Steiner. Filmmaker Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) set out on Venture to film his latest project. Without a female lead, he ran into Ann Darrow (Fay Wray), who agreed to join him for the adventure of a lifetime. Also along for the ride was Jack Driscoll (Bruce Cabot), the first mate of the ship, who ended up falling for Ann. Little did Ann know that they would be heading to Skull Island, where she was abducted by villagers and offered to Kong. He also fell in love with her and protected her from all other creatures. As Kong was captured and brought to Broadway, he broke loose to find Ann, whom he took on a final rampage throughout the city, eventually scaling the top of the Empire State Building  and was killed by a military plane. The sequel, Son of Kong hit theaters 9 months later as a continuation of the first but was not as popular.

King Kong 1976King Kong (1976)

The first remake of the film saw a bit of a plot change. This time, oil company executive Wilson (Charles Grodin), set out to a hidden island he believed to have untapped deposits of oil, which would bring fortune to his company, Petrox Oil. Paleontologist Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges), was a stowaway on board, wanting to see the island himself and warned them of the dangers of going there. On his way to lock up, he spotted a life raft with unconscious actress Dwan (Jessica Lange), who was aboard a directors boat that exploded. We saw similarities to the original film when the natives abducted Dwan in the middle of the night and offered her to Kong – who fell in love with the beauty & protected her. Kong was also kidnapped and taken to New York and put on display. When he thought that Dwan was being harmed, he broke free and ended up killing the oil executive in the stampede. He then took Dwan to the top of the Twin Towers, where he was eventually killed. Again, a sequel, King Kong Lives was created in 1986 and was not well received.

King Kong 2005King Kong (2005)

This remake aligned most with the original from 1933 and starred Naomi Watts, Jack Black, & Adrien Brody. Filmaker Carl Denham hired small time actress Ann Darrow to star in a film, which she agreed to after finding out her favorite playwright, Jack Driscoll was the screenwriter. The ship became lost in fog and landed on Skull Island, where Ann was kidnapped and offered to Kong. Plot remains the same as the first two, ending in Kong getting killed after being made into a spectacle in NYC.

Our favorite has to be the original. Which one is yours?

Looking forward to seeing Kong: Skull Island? Why not see it with us this Friday, March 10th at Cinepolis Chelsea, where you can grab a sweet Megpies Tart. Event begins with the 5:30pm show and continues while supplies last. Purchase tickets here.

Keep up to date with the latest on POP Bag by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

A Look at King Kong
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We All Screamed for Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream TruckLast week, we had a bit of Spring-ish weather in NYC. Down coats were off, boots were put away and of course the wool hats and scarves were back in the closet. Although it was only for a few days, it was a chance to take advantage of the beautiful weather and just breathe without unnecessary accessories and cold wind. Because of the change in weather, we thought it would be nice to have a yummy treat – ice cream! Yea, yea yea, you can eat ice cream all year round but when the weather is nice, it just makes it oh so much better. We decided to try Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in salted caramel and oh man it was good. Even our smallest POPStar couldn’t keep her spoon away.

Van Leeuwen started out as a food truck on the streets of NYC, selling ice cream made fresh in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with just a few ingredients – milk, cream, cane sugar, and egg yolks. They also have a vegan line of ice cream as well made with house made cashew milk, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, and organic carob bean. Organic, fresh, & natural – what more can you ask for?

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Now back to our flavor of choice – the salted caramel. It was creamy, caramel flavored and sweet – without being overly sweet. The Maldon salt adds more oomph to the flavor. We enjoyed it and will continue to purchase it and are looking forward to trying additional flavors. Ours was purchased at a local Whole Foods but you can find this deliciousness at one of their stores in NYC & LA or check with your local grocery store. You can learn more about Van Leeuwen here.

Have you tried Van Leeuwen ice cream before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

A Review of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
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A Look at the Everything, Everything Movie Trailer

What would life be like if you were allergic to everything? That’s the life of 18-year-old Maddy, who is unable to leave her house because of her illness. She falls in love with the boy next door, as they gaze at each other through the window and talk through text. They want to be together and plan on taking the risk, even if it means they may lose everything. Based on the novel by Nicola Yoon, Everything, Everything hits theaters on May 19th and stars Amandla Stenberg(Maddy Whittier), Nick Robinson(Olly Bright), & Anika Noni Rose(Dr. Whittier).

Check out the trailer below. Will you be watching?

Everything Everything Movie Trailer
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Top 5 Romantic Movies to Get You in the Mood for Valentine’s Day

POPPERS, it’s that time of the year again – filled with lots of chocolate, love, and romantic movies. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we want to share with you 5 of our favorite rom-coms that will put you in a lovey dovey mood.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

Brown Sugar (Sanaa Lathan & Taye Diggs)

Sidney & Dre are two hip hop loving friends who lose touch and find their way back to each other as adults. Their love of hip hop brings them together and romantic feelings seep in while one is engaged and the other married.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

Sweet Home Alabama (Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas, Patrick Dempsey)

Country turned city girl Melanie Carmichael returns to her hometown of Alabama to obtain a divorce from her husband to marry her new bigshot fiancé. When he doesn’t grant her the divorce right away, we watch how she struggles if she made the right decision or not.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

27 Dresses (Katherine Heigl, James Marsden)

Serial bridesmaid Jane decides it’s time for her to gain the courage to tell her boss that she secretly loves him but her sister comes to town and swoops him right from underneath her. While helping to plan her sisters wedding, she meets a wedding writer with whom she becomes comfortable with, opening her eyes to another chance at love – if only she can see it.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts & Richard Gere)

Handsome businessman Edward Lewis hires hooker Vivian to be his escort for a week.  While together, they learn a lot about each other – leading them to fall in love.

Top 5 Romantic Movies to get you in the Valentine's Day Mood

The Wedding Planner ( Jennifer Lopez & Matthew McConaughey)

Mary Fiore, a top wedding planner meets a handsome doctor when she takes a fall in the street. She falls in love with him – only to realize he is the groom of a high profile wedding she is planning.

What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Perfect Gift, Now Playing: Get the New York Times Film Club Gift Membership for a Loved One (& Yourself) this Holiday Season.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving

Winter is slowly but surely creeping up on us for its seasonal stay-cation. The air is getting chillier, the jackets are getting bulkier, and Holiday lights are popping up on every street corner. It’s just about time to break out the homemade hot chocolate, play holiday music, and spend lots of time with the people that make your winter feel a little less cold.

With the excitement of the holidays also comes the desire to get your loved ones a thoughtful gift with priceless meaning. Well POPPERS… The POP Bag is here to make this decision a little bit easier for you this year. We have found the perfect Holiday gift for the fellow movie buff in your life and want to share it with all of our lovely POPPERS and POPPETTES.

* Drumroll *


This season give the film gift that just keeps on giving… the New York Times Film Club Gift Membership that is. By purchasing a New York Times Film Club Membership, you will be gifting your loved one:

  • 1 Ticket to their chose of 12 new film preview screenings from among dozens offered annually (with select screenings offering talkbacks with film talent and film experts)
  • 1 Ticket to each of 2 red-carpet premiers of classic films or new releases
  • Live discussions from film talent, film experts, and New York Times journalists at select screenings
  • Members-only discounts to select TimesTalks film-related live events and on NYT Store merchandise


Are these juicy membership exclusives making you want to get your very own membership?

Well good! The New York Times Film Club offers a reduced price to those who purchase a Dual Membership, so you can gift one membership to your loved one and one to yourself for being such a good gift giver! It’s a WIN-WIN all around.


Not a New York POPPER? That’s A-OK! The New York Times Film Club also offers club memberships in Los Angeles and San Francisco for all of those West Coast movie lovers.

The New York Times Film Club is THE cream of the crop when it comes to film clubs so this gift opportunity is something you cannot afford to miss out on. For more information on the New York Times Film Club and their membership offerings, or to purchase a membership, head on over to: http://nytfilmclub.com… You won’t regret it.


Also, if your interested in hearing more about the New York Times Film Club and their upcoming promotions with The POP Bag, come on down to Cinepolis Chelsea, NYC this Friday for our promotional opening night event for Office Christmas Party and Jackie (stay tuned for showtimes and event details.)


See you there, POPPERS!

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Pop, Lock, and Drop It with Us

Here at The POP Bag family, we love our loyal POPPERS, but we also love our new POPPERS! For those of you who are not a POPPER yet, might be scratching your head and wondering what is a POPPER and what are its benefits? And I’m so glad you asked because today mama got the inside scoop about being a POPPER with The POP Bag.


POPPERS are members of The POP Bag and are the first to know about our exclusive offers, contests, and events!

If you’re not part of the POPPER family, what are you waiting for?! You’re missing out on:

  • Knowing about our social media contests
  • Receiving invitations to award-winning events in NYC
  • Earning goodie bags filled with treats from your favorite brands
  • Sampling new and delicious treats
  • Playing trivia games to win prizes

AND the best part is… that all these perks and goodies POPPERS receive are included in the price of your movie ticket!





It’s a fun way for our members to enjoy their time at the movie theater while making friends with other fellow POPPERS! How great is this, can I get a raise the roof?!

We can go on about how pop-ular and grand of a treat this is but it looks like I butter get going to POP Bag’s next event (be on the lookout)!

You don’t want to be that one kernel that doesn’t pop so join us today and be part of the POPPER family at The POP Bag. Click here to join us for more corny treats 🙂

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