Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Movies

The holiday season is approaching with Thanksgiving this Thursday. Time to give thanks, enjoy delicious food (turkey, anyone?), and spend time with family. Why not spend that time enjoying some great family-friendly Thanksgiving movies? Here’s a look at a few we think you should watch!

Miracle on 34th Street

Family Friendly Thanksgiving Movies
What better way than to start the holiday season than by watching this classic? It’s a perfect lead in right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (on which the film is partly based) and its heartwarming scenes will put you in a seasonable mood. We don’t think it matters what version you tune into but our fave? The classic from 1947 featuring Maureen O’Hara, Edmund Gwenn, & the adorable Natalie Wood as Susan.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown attempts to have a Thanksgiving dinner with his friends! Well, Peppermint Patty invited herself and her friends over, causing Charlie to attempt to make dinner with Snoopy, Linus, & Woodstock.

March of the Wooden Soldiers

Thanksgiving is not the same without March of the Wooden Soldiers, which has been traditionally shown every Thanksgiving morning. The year that they decided not to show it, saw lots of letters & backlash from angry fans, forcing them to bring it back the following year. Who can resist the comedic duo of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy as Stannie Dum & Ollie Dee as they battle Barnaby & the bogeyman?

You’ve Got Mail

“Happy Thanksgiving back.”
In this movie, we see a large bookstore chain owner vs a small bookstore owner who hate each other but form a deep connection over the internet. The Thanksgiving shopping scene? Not one to miss.

Home Alone

Yes – we know that this is not a Thanksgiving movie but who can resist starting the holiday season with a dose of Macaulay Culkin as Kevin? This comedy will have you and your family members rolling with laughter the whole night through. Hey, that might be a great way to work off some of the food you will be eating that day.

Are there any you would add to the list?

Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Movies to watch this Thanksgiving
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