“IT” (2017) Remastered Movie Review

Good day, POPPERS! The remastering of Stephen King’s It has garnered incredible reviews over the past week and a half, so we have decided to take a closer look ourselves to see what all the hype was about. That certainly was a mistake because we all ended up floating, but don’t worry, you will too!

Before we get to the all juicy stuff, let’s recap on the 1990 film. A band of children form the Losers’ Club where they build an incredible bond as they each begin to encounter a series of horrifying events. All caused by a supernatural, shapeshifting demon disguised as a clown called Pennywise the Dancing Clown, but is commonly referred to as “IT”. The Losers’ Club consists of five boys and one girl: Bill, Richie, Eddie, Ben, Stanley, Mike, and Beverly. It all begins when Bill’s youngest brother, Georgie, has an encounter with Pennywise, and is ultimately killed by “IT”. As a result, Bill sets out on a quest to unearth the truth behind Georgie’s death, and seeks revenge on his brother’s killer. When each member of the Losers’ Club has their own encounter with Pennywise, they begin feeling that enough is enough as they grow tired of being tormented by this sinister clown. At the end of it all, they have defeated “IT” for now, although it was not an easy task since they are children. They each make a promise that if “IT” shall ever come back, they would return and kill it for good.

Left to Right: Eddie, Bill, Richie, Mike, Stanley, Ben, and Beverly.

Now that we fully have the story together, let’s examine all the juicy parts of the remastered version, but be warned, they are not for the faint-hearted. Although the remastered version doesn’t follow Stephen King’s novel precisely, it still has the ability to make you sink into your chair with fright. First and foremost, Pennywise has a brand new look consisting of better makeup, hair, and an outfit. He is even more sinister looking than the 1990 version – let’s take a look shall we.


The new version of Pennywise (played by actor Bill Skarsgård) has this stare that has the ability to shake your soul, and make your skin crawl. This is easily seen when Georgie meets Pennywise for the first time while losing his papered sailing boat to rainy weather. Georgie’s papered sailing boat gets washed down a sewage drainer where he happens to find Pennywise. What is so disturbing is that Pennywise tries to introduce himself to Georgie so they are no longer strangers. They begin to develop trust by making funny jokes and talking about pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs – everything you could possibly find at a carnival. What tortured us the most about this scene is when Pennywise laughs with Georgie, and then suddenly stops. If you thought Georgie was frightened, you better believe he was. He was so frightened that he told Pennywise that he thinks he should go now. As you can imagine, things did not turn out well for Georgie, unfortunately. The best part about this scene is that additional material was added to give viewers a more frightening experience, and it was done masterfully. It looks like Pennywise was hungry because he decided to chomp off Georgie’s little arm, and then drag him down the sewage drainer – poor little Georgie. With the sinister laughter, scary sound effects, and amazing visuals, this is one of best scenes throughout the entire film. It was definitely made better than the 1990 version, so be sure to pay extra attention to the scene – it’s a scene you definitely don’t want to miss.

Next we have the famous bathroom scene with Beverly. In the new version, Beverly ends up being in the bathroom, after her abusive father talks about her hair and gently touches it – very sadistic if you ask us. Beverly enters the bathroom, and goes straight to the sink. She stares at her reflection through the mirror, and begins to feel disgusted. Beverly then picks up a pair of scissors, and beings cutting her hair to make her father dislike her new boyish look. Soon after she is done cutting her hair, she begins to hear a little girl asking for help as if she is in distress. But where is the little girl? You guessed it, the voice is coming from the sink! Beverly becomes easily curious, so she ends up getting measuring tape to see just how far down the sink’s pipe goes. Inch after inch the measuring tape goes. As soon as the measuring tape hits the very bottom, Beverly pulls it back up to find her hair wrapped around the end of the measuring tape. However, the hair appears to be drenched in blood. Beverly examines the hair further to then suddenly have the hair latch around her hand. Then things start getting really interesting. More hair comes up the sink’s pipe, and wraps around her head and the rest of her arms. It pulls her closer to the sink as if it wants to eat her. That isn’t what happens though. Beverly can’t seem to break free since the hair has a very strong hold over her. Next thing you know, blood begins shooting up out of the sink and hoses Beverly in the face. There was blood everywhere – the walls, floor, ceiling, and bathtub! Suddenly, the hair releases Beverly and the blood stops pouring out of the sink. The eerie feeling that something terrible was about to happen, but you don’t know what is exactly what really shook us up. The special effects, fake blood, and the intensity is what made this scene that much more satisfying. Although it was a terrifying experience for Beverly, it totally freaked us out. Well, at least she didn’t have to see a big scary clown. Don’t worry, she will very soon. Only next time she floats – uh-oh!

We don’t want to give too much away, so we will share one final scene with you – the scene where Pennywise shapeshifts into Georgie. Pennywise tries to trick Bill into thinking that it’s really him. Out of the corner of Bill’s eye, he can see a small figure in a yellow raincoat. Bill decides to chase after it because he thinks it’s Georgie. It looks, talks, and acts like Georgie. Will Bill fall for Pennywise’s charade? Not quite. Billy talks with “Georgie” for a little bit, talking about how Georgie misses home, mom and dad, and wants to come back. This is by far one of the most emotional scenes ever. Georgie’s voice will break your heart, and it might even make your eyes tear, but don’t be fooled. Bill explains to Georgie that Georgie can’t be himself because he is dead. The rest of the Losers’ Club joins Bill, and tells him to shoot “IT”. That’s exactly what he does, but he shoots “IT” in the head with a nail gun. What happens after is absolutely terrifying. Georgie’s body begins to shake as if he is having a seizure of some sort, but then you begin hearing Georgie screaming in a demonic voice. Next thing you know, the body begins to transform into Pennywise one limb at a time – first the arms, legs, and then the head. Once the transformation ends, Pennywise props himself up like a doll bent at the waist but with his head raised. Then his eyeballs begin to center and eerily stare at Bill. Next thing you know everyone begins taking turns hitting or stabbing Pennywise with some sort of weapon. This is truly a mind-bending and grotesque scene. It will definitely make every hair on your body stand straight up! The acting, emotions, and creepy elements are what make this scene a jaw dropping experience.

The film was beautifully casted. From Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise to all the members of the Losers’ Club, I don’t think any other person could have chosen better. All the children are so brilliant – where have they all been hiding?! The special effects are so realistic, and are of high-quality – truly phenomenal. The way the story flows is truly magnificent. The subtle hints of humor are hilarious – they will certainly make you smile and laugh. It truly makes you love each member, as each will have their own unique backstories.

There was more than enough character development for each person, so you can really understand their unique personalities. The endless situations that arise show you just how important it is to work as a team. Friendship is the key to survival in this film, which makes it more admirable. Based on the quality, originality, and horror elements of this film, and the tremendous range of entertainment it holds – scary or otherwise – we highly recommend you watch it today. All in all, we give this film a solid five stars! We cannot wait for part two come out. If you are in NYC, be sure to visit Cinepolis USA Chelsea Cinema by visiting www.cinepolisusa.com for showtimes and tickets so you can watch this remarkable horror film! Be sure to watch out for any red balloons in the theater – if you see any, we highly recommend you……run!!! Otherwise, you will float!

We went to see the new It! Here's a look at what we thought about it, including the comparison to the original and more!
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