POPPERS Will Go Bananas for Justin’s New Snack!

It all started in the food processor of his home kitchen in 2004 and took years to perfect. Now,  Justin Gold’s nut butter stands on shelves of some of the most popular retailers. In less than a decade,  Justin transformed his small business idea into a multi-million dollar nut empire. We’re impressed with the story of how Justin’s came to be, and are ready to give you the scoop!

Although it took years of hard work, the way Justin’s was named is a funny story. As quickly as new ideas came to him, a new nut butter flavor was created. And having so many great ideas meant that there was a lot of nut butter filling the shelves of his Boulder home. It didn’t take long for his roommates to discover these tasty treats and start stealing and snacking. To prevent this thievery,  Justin started scribbling his name on the jars. This trick didn’t work, but it gave him a great business idea!

We’re going nuts for Justin’s and we know you will too! With plenty of delicious flavors like Maple Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Honey Peanut, you’re sure to find one you’ll love. But Justin’s doesn’t just make nut butters. Our Poppers are getting exclusive access to a new exciting snack that just entered the market…

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Justin’s snack packs. Pretzel sticks paired with a creamy nut butter dip. Sounds good right? But Justin’s has changed the game with the NEW banana chip and peanut butter packs. Now you can conveniently carry the classic duo without any hassle. We’ve already given the snack packs a taste, and have fallen in love! Crispy banana chips with creamy and rich peanut butter are our current obsession. We’re confirming that this is definitely the best tasting nut butter on the planet!

We love Justin’s so much that we’ve teamed up for our next opening night event… War for the Planet of The Apes! On July 14th you can taste the new snack packs for yourself at Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema in NYC. To stay tuned for showtimes and more information become a Pop Bag Insider HERE to be the first to know about everything that’s POPPING.

For more information about the brand, be sure to click HERE

ur event will be held at Cinepolis Chelsea New York City, beginning at the War for the Planet of the Apes 4:20 pm showtime on Friday,  July 14th, while supplies last! Buy your tickets HERE!

POPPERS will go bananas for Justin's new snack!
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