Coming Soon: The Dark Tower

After 10 years of ongoing work, the long-awaited movie adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling series The Dark Tower is making it to the big screen. With the premier date pushed back multiple times, King fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see the $60 million work to come to life. However, critics are apprehensive to see if director Nikolaj Arcel has really delivered.

The film’s official trailer was released on May 3rd by Sony Pictures. Since the posting on YouTube, three new TV spots have also been released, but critics are not happy. The 30-second commercials are brief and to-the-point. They establish the protagonist as gunslinger Ronald Deschain (Idris Elba) and the villain as sorcerer Walter Padick (Matthew McConaughhey). However, they do not provide any other substance. The clips are essentially snippets from the full-length trailer.

The lack of plot development does not give the movie a good look. So far, it is coming across as a stereotypical action movie, despite the sci-fi styling. This is making it seem like the film itself will not stand up to the powerful, eight-novel series. On the other hand, true King fans are not deterred because of the big plans Arcel has for the film.

The movie is intended to be just one piece of a larger franchise. Arcel has already begun branching off the books by making the movie act as a sequel. While the plot is claimed to address important parts of all the books, it also continues the story of Deschain and his fight against Padick. Following the full-length film in 2018, there is going to be a TV series coming with Elba set to continue his role as Ronald Deschain. The series is supposed to fill in the gap in the plot between the books and the films.

With all of these speculations, it is important to remember that the trailer is not the full movie. There is no way to tell if the movie is a hit or flop until it is in theaters on August 4. Once it hits the big screen, we’ll update you to let you know how it turns out.

In the mean-time, Stephen King fans, tell us: do you think that the film will be a hit? How do you feel about the following TV series?

Coming Soon: The Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba
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  1. Nicholas Farr

    The Dark Tower does have some interesting elements to it, but I somehow think it lacks something, or perhaps there is an over emphasis of using gunslinger Ronald Deschain to make the plot more intriguing. I love Idris Elba, but from watching the trailer I would say it isn’t his best performance. Overall, I think it would be an interesting film to watch being that I have not read the books from Stephen King. I honestly can say, that I would go watch the film when it enters theaters. I’m a huge fan of King, and would love to see his work come to life in this fantasy / action film from Nikolaj Arcel.

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