Feeling the Love with Chocolove Almond Butter Cups

Chocolove Almond Butter Cups

What is going on with the weather here in NYC? One minute, we are enjoying the nice sunshine, the next minute we are cold! The constant changing of weather has us feeling down in the dumps – especially because we are ready to break out the spring wardrobe and throw away(we mean put away) our coats until next winter. Chocolate tends to help bring up our mood so we decided to take a quick break to pick up a snack. While perusing the aisles of Whole Foods, we spied something new from one of our favorite chocolate brands – Chocolove almond butter cups. We had to choose between dark and milk chocolate and decided to go with the milk.

Before taking a bite, we had to take note of the cute little heart imprinted on the chocolate – so sweet! Flavor wise – this is delicious! The milk chocolate is nicely sweet – not over powering. As noted on the package, it has a 33% cocoa content. There is just the right amount of almond butter inside the cup and it’s also not bland, as we know almond butter can be sometimes. The ingredient list is perfect – only being made up of four ingredients. Overall, we think this a great snack. You can either eat the one package by yourself or share the other cup with someone you love. We are definitely feeling this new product from Chocolove and look forward to trying more!

Ready to taste it for yourself? Learn more about Chocolove and where you can purchase their delicious goodies here.


We tried Chocolove's new almond butter cups and we love them! Check out our review!
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