Have a Fiesta with Our Must-Watch Movies for Cinco De Mayo!

Looking for a little something to add to your Fiesta? How about one of our must-watch movies for Cinco De Mayo. Check them out below:

Three Amigos

Three Amigos - Must-Watch Movies for Cinco De Mayo

This 1986 comedy brought together Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, & Martin Short as the Three Amigos – silent film stars who are mistaken for real heroes by people in a small Mexican Village. They thought they were there to do a show but turns out, the village thought they could help them fight El Guapo, the bandit who keeps stealing their money. This movie is filled with lots of laughs and worth checking out – if you haven’t seen it already.


Desperado - Must Watch Movies for Cinco De Mayo

This 1995 movies starred Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi, who wanted revenge against the drug lord who killed his lover. Want to learn the backstory? Check out El Mariachi and for the continuation – Once Upon a Time in Mexico.


Frida- Must-Watch Movie for Cinco De Mayo

This 2002 biopic drama starred Salma Hayek as Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. This movie told the story of her life and how she began painting – to her up and down relationship with her husband.

What movies do you have to add to our list?

Check out our Must-Watch Movies for Cinco de Mayo featuring Frida, Desperado, & Three Amigos
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