Megpies: Artisan Tarts with LOTS of Heart

Megpies Tarts

start your day right with this jam-packed tart

In 2007, Meghan Ritchie was selling pastries on the front stoop of her Brooklyn home. Now, about 10 years later, Ritchie’s jam-filled, flaky hand pies can be found gracing the shelves of local Whole Foods and 7,500+ participating Starbucks locations nationwide. Richie’s tarts, known officially as Megpies, have quickly grown from a small, one-man operation into a beloved sweet treat with an adoring and active fan base.

Megpies at Starbucks

 As Megpies continues to gain momentum, praise, and popularity, it’s clear that there’s no stopping them and their journey to the top. With that said, The POP Bag is extremely excited to be a part of the Megpies journey as we welcome them into our POPPING family. We have teamed up with them to bring you two (yes, TWO) one-of-a-kind opening night film events – more on that later. First, we need to answer: what is a Megpie…?

In short, Megpies are 4-inch, flaky (but not too flaky), frosted hand tarts filled with tons of delicious jam. With flavors like Strawberry, Cinnamon + Brown Sugar, Chocolate, and this season’s flavor, Cherry, there’s a Megpie to satisfy any type of sweet tooth craving. However, Megpies as a business is much more than their delicious tarts. It is the hard work and dedication invested by Meghan Richie and her boyfriend, Paul Jones, to get their sales from 300 to 3000 a week in just 6 months. Megpies is the commitment and resilience by both Richie and Jones, which led to Starbucks placing them in a few select NYC stores, then 30 locations, and now every single Starbucks-operated store in the United States. Megpies is not just a collection of delectable tarts; it is the 10+ year story that got them here.

Megpies Founders

It sounds too good to be true, right? Then come “jam” with us at our opening night event for Kong: Skull Island this Friday, March 10th at Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema in NYC and taste Megpies’ Cinnamon + Brown Sugar tarts (YUM!) Our event begins with the 5:30 pm show – while supplies last – so head on over here to purchase your tickets now!

megpies cinnamon & brown sugar tart

If you want to learn more about Megpies, visit their website and follow them on Instagram & Twitter.

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook for more information about our upcoming opening night event for Beauty and the Beast (March 17th), where you can get Megpies’ Strawberry jam filled tart!

Have you ever tried Megpies? They are delicious fruit-filled tarts. Check out our review.
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