A Look at King Kong

A new Kong is in town. The King Kong franchise has been rebooted, this time in a film called Kong: Skull Island. In this film, we will see the secretive organization known as The Monarch find Kong on Skull Island, battling against the Skull Crawlers for wiping out his kind. The Monarch is ready to fight him and all the others but while there, realize he is the one that needs to be saved. Before this new film hits theaters Friday, we should revisit some of the past Kong movies.

King Kong 1935 Movie PosterKing Kong (1933)

The original King Kong featured an unforgettable score from Max Steiner. Filmmaker Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) set out on Venture to film his latest project. Without a female lead, he ran into Ann Darrow (Fay Wray), who agreed to join him for the adventure of a lifetime. Also along for the ride was Jack Driscoll (Bruce Cabot), the first mate of the ship, who ended up falling for Ann. Little did Ann know that they would be heading to Skull Island, where she was abducted by villagers and offered to Kong. He also fell in love with her and protected her from all other creatures. As Kong was captured and brought to Broadway, he broke loose to find Ann, whom he took on a final rampage throughout the city, eventually scaling the top of the Empire State Building  and was killed by a military plane. The sequel, Son of Kong hit theaters 9 months later as a continuation of the first but was not as popular.

King Kong 1976King Kong (1976)

The first remake of the film saw a bit of a plot change. This time, oil company executive Wilson (Charles Grodin), set out to a hidden island he believed to have untapped deposits of oil, which would bring fortune to his company, Petrox Oil. Paleontologist Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges), was a stowaway on board, wanting to see the island himself and warned them of the dangers of going there. On his way to lock up, he spotted a life raft with unconscious actress Dwan (Jessica Lange), who was aboard a directors boat that exploded. We saw similarities to the original film when the natives abducted Dwan in the middle of the night and offered her to Kong – who fell in love with the beauty & protected her. Kong was also kidnapped and taken to New York and put on display. When he thought that Dwan was being harmed, he broke free and ended up killing the oil executive in the stampede. He then took Dwan to the top of the Twin Towers, where he was eventually killed. Again, a sequel, King Kong Lives was created in 1986 and was not well received.

King Kong 2005King Kong (2005)

This remake aligned most with the original from 1933 and starred Naomi Watts, Jack Black, & Adrien Brody. Filmaker Carl Denham hired small time actress Ann Darrow to star in a film, which she agreed to after finding out her favorite playwright, Jack Driscoll was the screenwriter. The ship became lost in fog and landed on Skull Island, where Ann was kidnapped and offered to Kong. Plot remains the same as the first two, ending in Kong getting killed after being made into a spectacle in NYC.

Our favorite has to be the original. Which one is yours?

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A Look at King Kong
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