Pop, Lock, and Drop It with Us

Here at The POP Bag family, we love our loyal POPPERS, but we also love our new POPPERS! For those of you who are not a POPPER yet, might be scratching your head and wondering what is a POPPER and what are its benefits? And I’m so glad you asked because today mama got the inside scoop about being a POPPER with The POP Bag.


POPPERS are members of The POP Bag and are the first to know about our exclusive offers, contests, and events!

If you’re not part of the POPPER family, what are you waiting for?! You’re missing out on:

  • Knowing about our social media contests
  • Receiving invitations to award-winning events in NYC
  • Earning goodie bags filled with treats from your favorite brands
  • Sampling new and delicious treats
  • Playing trivia games to win prizes

AND the best part is… that all these perks and goodies POPPERS receive are included in the price of your movie ticket!





It’s a fun way for our members to enjoy their time at the movie theater while making friends with other fellow POPPERS! How great is this, can I get a raise the roof?!

We can go on about how pop-ular and grand of a treat this is but it looks like I butter get going to POP Bag’s next event (be on the lookout)!

You don’t want to be that one kernel that doesn’t pop so join us today and be part of the POPPER family at The POP Bag. Click here to join us for more corny treats 🙂

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