We’re Howling for Alpha Wolf

Do you ever have trouble focusing or get bombarded with mental fatigue and a sugar crash, no matter how many coffees or energy drinks you consume? Well, guess what, POPPERS? We have discovered a no-frills drink that will restore your faith in the focus-promoting beverage market. They call themselves Alpha Wolf and The POP Bag is delighted to have them back for another POPPING opening night event. This time they’re here for Inferno, which is pretty fitting considering that Alpha Wolf fires us up.

Alpha Wolf logoLet’s get something straight before we continue: Alpha Wolf and is NOT an energy drink. To be precise, Alpha Wolf is a vitamin-enhanced water beverage that naturally promotes focus without the sugar-induced crash of energy drinks and coffee beverages. With naturally derived caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids, Alpha Wolf is the type of beverage that your body wants you to drink.Alpha Wolf Drinks

Alpha Wolf was created by founder Michael Chalavoutis who, while studying for the MCAT, was struggling to balance his workload with his busy social life. Michael created Alpha Wolf for himself and for all determined and hardworking individuals so that they can finally fortify their bodies and promote focus through a natural, convenient product.

Release your inner wolf this Friday, October 28th at the Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema. Separate yourselves from the pack and try the four exploding flavors that we will be offering:  Fruit Punch, Lemon, Passionfruit Pineapple, Goji-Pomegranate Mango. Learn more about this event here.

Check out Alpha Wolf’s delicious flavors on their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @drinkalphawolf.

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