Fat Witch Brownies Will Cast A Spell On You!

What’s Halloween without Witches? Less magical that’s what! Witches have the power to bring magic to life & Fat Witch, an NYC-based brownie company, tapped into a little bit of that magic, to create delicious brownies that they call witches. We love these brownies, not only for their delicious flavors but for also managing to keep New York City in the Halloween spirit all year long!

Fat Witch Brownies

Fat Witch takes the traditional brownie recipe and adds their own flair to it, like the Red Witch – a chocolate brownie stuffed with dried cherries. They also make bite-sized brownies that go by the name Witch Babies. These irresistible baby witches come in all sorts of flavors. Our favorite, The Fat Witch Baby,  is a deliciously chocolatey brownie that’ll have you craving more after taking your first bite. If you are in the mood for something a little nutty, the Walnut Baby is the brownie for you. Prefer white chocolate instead of regular chocolate? The Snow Baby will be your brownie of choice.

Fat Witch carries many delicious flavors. Check them out and find your favorite on their website here or see the brownie magic unfold live on their Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram pages.

Want to taste it this Friday? Come to our Inferno opening night event at Cinepolis Cinema and grab a Fat Witch Baby. Learn more about our event here.

Can’t make it? You can always head down to Chelsea Market to get your hands on one of these delectable treats.

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