Top 13 Best Horror Movie Villains

What makes a good horror movie villain? Is it the way they frighten you and make you hide underneath the blankets struck with fear or is it the way they inflict pain onto others? No matter what, one thing is clear –  if you see any of the villains in our top 13 list, you better run as fast as you can!

13. Children of the Corn


This town has only one restriction, kill off anyone who is over the age of eighteen. Yikes! Make sure to mark this town off your next road trip.

12. Jaws52c9822c-ecb7-4d15-8fa2-66a461c2836c

The ocean is already a terrifying place, but with this great white lurking around, you’ll be too scared to ever enter the ocean again.

11. Pennywise


You taste much better when you’re afraid

…said the creepy clown from Stephen King’s It. Children stay far away from this clown unless you want to be his next meal. 

10. Jigsaw


In Saw, Jigsaw always has some deadly game he wants to play…. too bad we are not interested.

9. Norman Bates


You would never suspect this humble hotel owner to go completely Psycho. A word of advice? Never check into the Bates Motel – it may be the last place you’ll ever stay.

8. Christine


Isn’t she a beauty! Christine is a ’58 Plymouth Fury with the mindset of “if I can’t have you no one will”. She is the type of car you admire from a safe distance. 

7. Jack Torrance


Heeere’s Johnny!

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You do not want to be around when Jack decides to come out and play. – The Shining 

6. Annie Wilkes


You’re going to be just fine. I’ll take good care of you. I’m your number one fan

If Annie ever tells you she’s your biggest fan, run and don’t look back because her type of love will end in Misery.

5. Leatherface


Not only is this maniac running around chopping people up with a Chainsaw, He’s turning their skin into wearable masks in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Stay as far away from him if you can!

4. Michael Myers


I met him, fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no conscience, no understanding; even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes; the devil’s eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply…evil. – Dr. Loomis from Halloween

From this description alone, we never want to come into contact or even hear the name Michael. He is the true example of evil incarnate.

3. Jason Voorhees

6137990b60940e20This machete-wielding killer in Friday the 13th is the reason we are afraid to stay in the woods after dark and you should too.

2. Freddy Krueger


One, two, Freddy’s coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late
Nine, ten, never sleep again – Nightmare on Elm Street

Who’s your number one villain?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. The one mentioned the most will be featured in the post!

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