A Treat For All You Snack ADDICTS

At The POP Bag, we always strive to provide you with the yummiest of snacks that are not only good for your taste buds, but for your health too! Our first product to make its way into the POP Bag for our Star Wars: The Force Awakens event are Nature Addict’s Fruit Sticks and Fruit & Chocolate! Not only are these snacks delicious, but they’re also nutritious!

12_14_15 nature addicts.png

Nature Addict’s Fruit Sticks come in two delightful flavors: Apple Mango Passion Fruit, Apple Raspberry and Fruit & Chocolate Orange. With 1-serving of fruit per pouch, these bite-sized snacks, made of 100% fruit, combine the natural fruit flavors, and turn them into the perfect little fruit snack for you and the whole family!

And guess what? If you’re looking to fill that chocolate craving, Nature Addicts has got you covered for that too! Alongside their Fruit Sticks, they also create a Fruit & Chocolate snack. For this tasty treat, which is available in Apple Orange, the same pureness from their Fruit Sticks is guaranteed. 100% pure fruit gets coated with a decadent layer of 70% cocoa dark chocolate.

There is absolutely nothing artificial about these treats taken straight from NATURE. Make sure to get your hands on some of these awesome fruit snacks when you come on out to our opening night event for Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea. Stay turned for more information on the event but the mean time, be sure to check out their website http://www.na-natureaddicts.com/en. May the force (of NATURE) be with you!

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