Another Nibble in the Neighborhood

Another neighborhood delicacy was enjoyed this week by the POP Bag. We made our way over to the Japanese bakery called Harbs (something quite different from our usual outings) and experienced their made-fresh daily cakes. They have roug7278768004_f729ed0b40_mhly ten cakes to choose from and each one sounds better than the next.

Upon walking in to the shop we were generously greeted and treated by the host and what appeared to be the head baker. They were quick to explain to us all of the different options, informing us that the mille crepes cake was the most popular and only one that is sold year round. 

However, we opted for some of the seasonal options and ended up with the cream cheese mille crepes and lemon yogurt cake. Both were a decadent treat, but at the same time very light and airy. The first cake we dove into was the cream cheese mille crepimg_0962es, which had blueberries and a cream cheese that was almost a mix of a whipped cream and cream cheese frosting combination. It had just the right amount of sweetness and paired perfectly with the fresh blueberries and layered crepes.

After eating almost all of the first cake, we then decided to go for the lemon yogurt cake. This one had almost a two-in-one kind of feeling with the bottom layer being a lemon/yogurt custard base and the next, a creamy lemon mousse layer. It was basically the Japanese version of lemon meringue pie. 

For more informatioon on how you can treat yourself as we near the end of summer, check out their website here!

This is definitely not a treat you want to miss. Be sure to hurry as flavors will be changing shortly.

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