The POP Bag’s Trainwreck and Ant-Man Promotion Made our POPPERS Very Happy!

Our double AM poppers (5)promotion Friday night was nothing but successful as moviegoers poured in and out of the theaters of Trainwreck and Ant-Man. Not only were these movies the reasons for the smiles on their faces, but it was the contents inside of our POP Bags that really pushed their happiness to the next level. 

For our Trainwreck promotion, the POP bags were filled with Goodie Girl Cookies, Tosi Super Bites, SkinAgain and Salt of the Earth Bakery. The POPPERS loved the variety they found inside of each baAM Winner (5)g allowing there to be a little something for everyone. One woman even began to tell us of her dry skin issues, after happily biting into a cookie, and said she couldn’t wait to go home to order her SkinAgain product!

As for Ant-Man, the bags contained a more simple arrangement, which included the Tosi SuperBites and Salt of the Earth Bakery. Regardless of the smaller amount of product, moviegoers were still thrilled with the bag in addition to the puzzle game they were able to play in order to win Ant-Man themed prizes!

AM poppers (2)Our double event went off without a hitch and The POP Bag can’t wait for all of you to join us for the next one!

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