Just the Right Amount of Wrong!

Are you a good girl OR are you a bad girl? Well, Goodie Girl Cookies are just the right amount of wrong!FullSizeRender-4

Goodie Girl Cookies are all natural, gluten-free cookies that are the perfect bite-sized treats for any time of day.

Worried that this Goodie Girl snack will take away from the hard work you put into your summer body? Fear not! Founder and Head Baker, Shira Berk is an ex-fashion model who uses the best ingredients to ensure that these cookies won’t be hurting your calorie count for the day. 

But don’t stop there, its not just a cookie for those looking for a healthier alternative, it is the perfect snack for anyone to crunch in to. Despite the pink packaging and product name, guys will love this as much as girls. And hey, doesn’t pink make a man more manly away!?

So whoever you are, you should be going out to your local food stores and picking up some Goodie Girl Cookies! #gogoodie

For more information about Goodie Girl Cookies, check out their Instagram, Facebook and Website!

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