The Inside and Out of Bare Snacks!

Friday night was a hit and not only because viewers enjoyed seeing the movie Inside Out. Bare Snacks was an added addition that had moviegoers leaving with a smile as they crunched into their apple or coconut baked snacks. This was a perfect addition to end the night as they journeyed home from the tear jerking Pixar masterpiece.

IMG_2476Some moviegoers even stayed so we could see their reaction to the all-natural snack. Many of the comments that fluttered through the air consisted of “yum”, “wow”, “I’m going to buy more” “they have such a great crunch”, and so on. Bare Snacks was definitely a success for the Chelsea moviegoers and our favorite quote from that night came from a little boy who looked up at his mom and said, “mom, you have to buy these so our whole family can try it. I don’t want them to get jealous because they’re so good.” The mom looked down at him and replied with a yes, as she also seemed to be enjoying the snack.

The POP bag jumped for Joy (just like one of Inside Out’s characters) as they saw all of the happy moviegoers swirling around the promotion. Overall it was a great night. If you are still wishing the event was going on or if you did not get a chance to stop by, you can always enter into our Inside Out/Bear Snacks contest to win some goodies. Be sure to click here to go to the contest blog post and enter by Wednesday to be qualified.

Interested in getting some more Bare Snacks click here for more information!

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