Delicious Emmi Swiss Yogurt

In Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Flick “I Don’t How She Does It”, we see our favorite SJP do the balancing act of a woman’s hectic life. Sometimes we here at POP Bag wonder when busy women get time to eat. That is, until we found a great product! We all love good food and snacking is especially essential when you don’t have much time on your hands. A sweet surprise without the guilt (and without the calories – for you health masters).

Emmi, Swiss Premium Yogurt. Made from the best by the best, and we all know how delicious Swiss Cheese is, not ever to forget Swiss Chocolate. Well, Ladies and Gents – here is a Yogurt that’s going to have your taste buds in heaven and doing your  body good all at the same time.

Unlike any other, Emmi Swiss Premium Yogurt is an all-natural delight, with the creamy textures you’d expect from a fine line of Swiss products, and a bountiful of delicious flavors that will not spoil your taste buds – that you’d come to find from other refined-sugar yogurt products. It’s supple texture glides across your tongue leaving a smooth, creamy texture that satiates hunger and doesn’t leave you with a thick milky residue or aftertaste many other brands disguise.

It comes in a range of flavors: Apricot, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Coffee, Pink Grapefruit, Müesli, Plain, Raspberry, Strawberry & Vanilla Bean. That include live and active bacteria cultures made from rBST-free Milk (aka Hormone free milk), and are great for the on-the-go person, looking to feel good, look great and give the body some well-deserved nutrition. Oh, and keep the taste buds Happy!

Now, that’s my kind of eating!

I guess I know how she does it.

Get your free sample at The POP Bag’s “I Don’t Know How She Does It” event on September 16th at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas! For more information on the event, fan us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @thepopbag.

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