How The POP Bag uses Social Media

I wanted to repost this blog again to update the POP Bag’s role in Social Media.

Social Media plays an important role in promoting clients who participate in our events.  We only take on products that we love or feel that moviegoers should love and help market them to their said demographic.  If your target is family, the perfect fit for you would be family oriented movies.  The next two movies we are working on include Beginners and Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

We take into consideration all of the information provided so that people will know exactly what they are getting and will continue to want the product or to learn more.  In addition we do in theater branding of all our clients products prior to opening night movie event.  Check out our twitter page @thepopbag for more information or a peek at how we promote the product with a few tweets.  Please feel free to also contact us directly.

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