Marta Montenegro’s The Montenegro Method – “Find Your Victory”

The Montenegro Method, founded by Marta Montenegro, consists of three dvd’s with six 21 minute high intense workout routines and four 10 minute express workout routines.  For the Pop Bag’s Eat Pray Love event, you will be receiving one of the dvd’s.  The dvd’s are for women looking to get that long, lean, athletic body.

Here’s a bit of information on each dvd:

Endurance: Burn Fat – Consists of three 21-minute high calorie burn cardio and circuit training workouts.  Excercises included are lunges, squats, and planks.

Strength: Get Toned – Consists of three 21-minute muscle building workouts focusing on workouts to exhaust muscles, enhance metabolism, strengthen and tone upper body, core, and legs.

Power: Accelerate Metabolism – Consists of 4 10-minute high intensity express workouts.  Excercises included are push-ups, split jumps, squat jumps, rows, lunges, and mountain climbers.

Which MM DVD will you receive?  For more information, you can visit their website at:

Check out this video of Marta showing off her Montenegro Method:

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