Having a Blast at Our Opening Night Promotion for The Shape of Water

We had a spectacular promotion on Friday, December 8th at Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema in NYC for the opening night of Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water! The film was quite a sensation, and our promotion was so much fun!!! Moviegoers were greeted with Justin’s yummy, organic chocolate peanut butter cups in milk, white and dark chocolate, along with Treo’s organic and non-GMO fruit infused birch water beverages and a special holiday offer from The New York Times Film Club in their POP bags.


The Shape of Water Event Display Table


They were first introduced to what The New York Times Film Club is all about and all of the special featured perks that comes with their single and dual memberships. The New York Times Film Club offers talks with film directors, your pick of any 12 screenings, special events, exclusive members only events, and more! Much thanks to The New York Times for being our sponsor, and putting smiles on their faces.


New York Times Film Club


Another great and new brand on the market moviegoers were introduced to – Treo! Treo is a brand that creates fruit infused birch water beverages. That’s right, folks, birch water from actual birch trees. The water is extracted from birch trees in Vermont.


Treo offers four exploding flavors: coconut pineapple, blueberry, peach mango, and strawberry. What is super awesome about these nutrient rich and hydrating beverages is that there is absolutely nothing artificial about them – they are organic and non-GMO certified!!! Furthermore, each beverage has only one gram of sugar per serving, and is only 10 calories per serving. Wow, it doesn’t get any better than that!


Moviegoers were so intrigued that some felt the need to crack open a bottle and taste it right then and there, and man oh man were they in for a treat at our opening night promotion for The Shape of Water!
Happy POPPER with Treo

Drink Treo


In addition, we had Justin’s! Who doesn’t like chocolate, organic chocolate at that?! Who knew chocolate peanut butter cups could be so refreshingly delicious and healthy for you. Justin’s should be in everyone’s kitchen cabinets – a really great romantic snack for two. Moviegoers couldn’t resist smiling big for our photos at our The Shape of Water promotion!


Justin's Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Justin's Peanut Butter Cups


If you weren’t able to make it to our event, then simply click HERE to become a POP Bag Insider. We will notify when we are hosting our event and who will be there. Never miss out on another fun, POPPING promotion! Visit justins.comhttp://www.drinktreo.com/, and http://www.nytfilmclub.com/ for film club memberships.


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Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Movies

The holiday season is approaching with Thanksgiving this Thursday. Time to give thanks, enjoy delicious food (turkey, anyone?), and spend time with family. Why not spend that time enjoying some great family-friendly Thanksgiving movies? Here’s a look at a few we think you should watch!

Miracle on 34th Street

Family Friendly Thanksgiving Movies
What better way than to start the holiday season than by watching this classic? It’s a perfect lead in right after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (on which the film is partly based) and its heartwarming scenes will put you in a seasonable mood. We don’t think it matters what version you tune into but our fave? The classic from 1947 featuring Maureen O’Hara, Edmund Gwenn, & the adorable Natalie Wood as Susan.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown attempts to have a Thanksgiving dinner with his friends! Well, Peppermint Patty invited herself and her friends over, causing Charlie to attempt to make dinner with Snoopy, Linus, & Woodstock.

March of the Wooden Soldiers

Thanksgiving is not the same without March of the Wooden Soldiers, which has been traditionally shown every Thanksgiving morning. The year that they decided not to show it, saw lots of letters & backlash from angry fans, forcing them to bring it back the following year. Who can resist the comedic duo of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy as Stannie Dum & Ollie Dee as they battle Barnaby & the bogeyman?

You’ve Got Mail

“Happy Thanksgiving back.”
In this movie, we see a large bookstore chain owner vs a small bookstore owner who hate each other but form a deep connection over the internet. The Thanksgiving shopping scene? Not one to miss.

Home Alone

Yes – we know that this is not a Thanksgiving movie but who can resist starting the holiday season with a dose of Macaulay Culkin as Kevin? This comedy will have you and your family members rolling with laughter the whole night through. Hey, that might be a great way to work off some of the food you will be eating that day.

Are there any you would add to the list?

Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Movies to watch this Thanksgiving
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“IT” (2017) Remastered Movie Review

Good day, POPPERS! The remastering of Stephen King’s It has garnered incredible reviews over the past week and a half, so we have decided to take a closer look ourselves to see what all the hype was about. That certainly was a mistake because we all ended up floating, but don’t worry, you will too!

Before we get to the all juicy stuff, let’s recap on the 1990 film. A band of children form the Losers’ Club where they build an incredible bond as they each begin to encounter a series of horrifying events. All caused by a supernatural, shapeshifting demon disguised as a clown called Pennywise the Dancing Clown, but is commonly referred to as “IT”. The Losers’ Club consists of five boys and one girl: Bill, Richie, Eddie, Ben, Stanley, Mike, and Beverly. It all begins when Bill’s youngest brother, Georgie, has an encounter with Pennywise, and is ultimately killed by “IT”. As a result, Bill sets out on a quest to unearth the truth behind Georgie’s death, and seeks revenge on his brother’s killer. When each member of the Losers’ Club has their own encounter with Pennywise, they begin feeling that enough is enough as they grow tired of being tormented by this sinister clown. At the end of it all, they have defeated “IT” for now, although it was not an easy task since they are children. They each make a promise that if “IT” shall ever come back, they would return and kill it for good.

Left to Right: Eddie, Bill, Richie, Mike, Stanley, Ben, and Beverly.

Now that we fully have the story together, let’s examine all the juicy parts of the remastered version, but be warned, they are not for the faint-hearted. Although the remastered version doesn’t follow Stephen King’s novel precisely, it still has the ability to make you sink into your chair with fright. First and foremost, Pennywise has a brand new look consisting of better makeup, hair, and an outfit. He is even more sinister looking than the 1990 version – let’s take a look shall we.


The new version of Pennywise (played by actor Bill Skarsgård) has this stare that has the ability to shake your soul, and make your skin crawl. This is easily seen when Georgie meets Pennywise for the first time while losing his papered sailing boat to rainy weather. Georgie’s papered sailing boat gets washed down a sewage drainer where he happens to find Pennywise. What is so disturbing is that Pennywise tries to introduce himself to Georgie so they are no longer strangers. They begin to develop trust by making funny jokes and talking about pizza, cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs – everything you could possibly find at a carnival. What tortured us the most about this scene is when Pennywise laughs with Georgie, and then suddenly stops. If you thought Georgie was frightened, you better believe he was. He was so frightened that he told Pennywise that he thinks he should go now. As you can imagine, things did not turn out well for Georgie, unfortunately. The best part about this scene is that additional material was added to give viewers a more frightening experience, and it was done masterfully. It looks like Pennywise was hungry because he decided to chomp off Georgie’s little arm, and then drag him down the sewage drainer – poor little Georgie. With the sinister laughter, scary sound effects, and amazing visuals, this is one of best scenes throughout the entire film. It was definitely made better than the 1990 version, so be sure to pay extra attention to the scene – it’s a scene you definitely don’t want to miss.

Next we have the famous bathroom scene with Beverly. In the new version, Beverly ends up being in the bathroom, after her abusive father talks about her hair and gently touches it – very sadistic if you ask us. Beverly enters the bathroom, and goes straight to the sink. She stares at her reflection through the mirror, and begins to feel disgusted. Beverly then picks up a pair of scissors, and beings cutting her hair to make her father dislike her new boyish look. Soon after she is done cutting her hair, she begins to hear a little girl asking for help as if she is in distress. But where is the little girl? You guessed it, the voice is coming from the sink! Beverly becomes easily curious, so she ends up getting measuring tape to see just how far down the sink’s pipe goes. Inch after inch the measuring tape goes. As soon as the measuring tape hits the very bottom, Beverly pulls it back up to find her hair wrapped around the end of the measuring tape. However, the hair appears to be drenched in blood. Beverly examines the hair further to then suddenly have the hair latch around her hand. Then things start getting really interesting. More hair comes up the sink’s pipe, and wraps around her head and the rest of her arms. It pulls her closer to the sink as if it wants to eat her. That isn’t what happens though. Beverly can’t seem to break free since the hair has a very strong hold over her. Next thing you know, blood begins shooting up out of the sink and hoses Beverly in the face. There was blood everywhere – the walls, floor, ceiling, and bathtub! Suddenly, the hair releases Beverly and the blood stops pouring out of the sink. The eerie feeling that something terrible was about to happen, but you don’t know what is exactly what really shook us up. The special effects, fake blood, and the intensity is what made this scene that much more satisfying. Although it was a terrifying experience for Beverly, it totally freaked us out. Well, at least she didn’t have to see a big scary clown. Don’t worry, she will very soon. Only next time she floats – uh-oh!

We don’t want to give too much away, so we will share one final scene with you – the scene where Pennywise shapeshifts into Georgie. Pennywise tries to trick Bill into thinking that it’s really him. Out of the corner of Bill’s eye, he can see a small figure in a yellow raincoat. Bill decides to chase after it because he thinks it’s Georgie. It looks, talks, and acts like Georgie. Will Bill fall for Pennywise’s charade? Not quite. Billy talks with “Georgie” for a little bit, talking about how Georgie misses home, mom and dad, and wants to come back. This is by far one of the most emotional scenes ever. Georgie’s voice will break your heart, and it might even make your eyes tear, but don’t be fooled. Bill explains to Georgie that Georgie can’t be himself because he is dead. The rest of the Losers’ Club joins Bill, and tells him to shoot “IT”. That’s exactly what he does, but he shoots “IT” in the head with a nail gun. What happens after is absolutely terrifying. Georgie’s body begins to shake as if he is having a seizure of some sort, but then you begin hearing Georgie screaming in a demonic voice. Next thing you know, the body begins to transform into Pennywise one limb at a time – first the arms, legs, and then the head. Once the transformation ends, Pennywise props himself up like a doll bent at the waist but with his head raised. Then his eyeballs begin to center and eerily stare at Bill. Next thing you know everyone begins taking turns hitting or stabbing Pennywise with some sort of weapon. This is truly a mind-bending and grotesque scene. It will definitely make every hair on your body stand straight up! The acting, emotions, and creepy elements are what make this scene a jaw dropping experience.

The film was beautifully casted. From Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise to all the members of the Losers’ Club, I don’t think any other person could have chosen better. All the children are so brilliant – where have they all been hiding?! The special effects are so realistic, and are of high-quality – truly phenomenal. The way the story flows is truly magnificent. The subtle hints of humor are hilarious – they will certainly make you smile and laugh. It truly makes you love each member, as each will have their own unique backstories.

There was more than enough character development for each person, so you can really understand their unique personalities. The endless situations that arise show you just how important it is to work as a team. Friendship is the key to survival in this film, which makes it more admirable. Based on the quality, originality, and horror elements of this film, and the tremendous range of entertainment it holds – scary or otherwise – we highly recommend you watch it today. All in all, we give this film a solid five stars! We cannot wait for part two come out. If you are in NYC, be sure to visit Cinepolis USA Chelsea Cinema by visiting www.cinepolisusa.com for showtimes and tickets so you can watch this remarkable horror film! Be sure to watch out for any red balloons in the theater – if you see any, we highly recommend you……run!!! Otherwise, you will float!

We went to see the new It! Here's a look at what we thought about it, including the comparison to the original and more!
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8 Cool Back to School Movies

It’s the time of the year that most students dread – going back to school. Even with new clothing, backpacks, & supplies, some kids just want an extended summer vacation. We decided to make the time more fun by sharing 8 of our favorite movies that we think will help you get excited about going back to school. Check them out below!

Back to School

Going to college with your father? Yikes! That’s what Rodney Dangerfield did in this classic film when his son decided he may not want to go to college.


Ugh, as if! If this movie doesn’t make you excited about going to school and showing off all of your latest fashions, we don’t know what will.


A high school that is full of fun, dancing, & John Travolta – what more can you ask for?

Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams starred in this film as Professor Keating, an English teacher who convinced students to go against the status quo in the Dead Poet’s Society.

The Breakfast Club

A bunch of students stuck in Saturday detention? There’s bound to be some adventure. This classic teen flick featured Emilio Estevez, Paul Gleason, Judd Nelson, & Molly Ringwald – just to name a few.

The School of Rock

What do you do when you get fired from your band and need a job asap? You become a music teacher! Well, at least that’s what Jack Black did in this film. He took his 4th grade class on a journey to become the best musicians they could be – to help him win a battle of the bands competition and pay his rent.

10 Things I hate About You

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways! Teenager Bianca Stratford(Larisa Oleynik) is not allowed to date unless her older sister Kat(Julia Stiles) finds a date. Her love interest(Joseph Gordon Levitt) decided to pay off bad boy Patrick(Heath Ledger) to get with Kat so that he can date Bianca.

Monsters University

This family friendly film takes a look back at how Mike & Sulley came to be best friends while attending Monster’s University.

What are some of your favorite back to school movies? Let us know in the comments below.


The POP Bag's list of 8 cool movies that are perfect for viewing before heading back to school.
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A Thrilling Opening Night at the Movies

On Friday, July 21st the POP Bag hosted a very exciting opening night event at Cinepolis Chelsea! There were moviegoers of all ages and genders coming to see the plethora of movies opening that night including: Dunkirk, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Girls Trip. Not only did they get to see some great films, but they got some great products and deals!

The showstopper of the bag was the discount code for a New York Times Film Club membership from our sponsors at the New York Times Film Club! Tons of POPPERS had piqued interest and were looking forward to signing up and getting great perks!

The other highly demanded item in the bag was Pipcorn from Pipsnacks. We gave out bags of this adorable and delicious popcorn in the flavors Cheddar, Truffle, and Sea Salt. Guest were thrilled about all three.

Are you upset you missed out on this awesome event? Don’t be sad! Instead, click HERE to sign up for free to become a POP Bag Insider! You’ll never miss another one of our fun events ever again!

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A Bananas War for the Planet of the Apes Event

On Friday, July 14th we hosted our event for the opening night of War for the Planet of the Apes! Fans of all ages poured in to watch the finale of the series. While the movie was the main attraction, the POP Bag became the main event! Moviegoers received a bag full of sweet treats and sweet deals.

First, they received a special discount on a New York Times Film Club membership from our sponsors at the New York Times Film Club.

Next item in the bag was a tasty coconut cookie from Emmy’s Organics. They received the flavors Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, or Dark Cacao.

The third item was naan chips from Bandar Foods. These yummy, Indian-inspired snacks came in Himalayan Sea Salt, Garlic, and Tikka Masala flavors.

And last but not least, were snack packs from Justin’s. This new snack contained banana chips as well as honey peanut butter for dipping. This new spin on a classic snack was a huge hit with out POPPERs!

Did you miss out on this event? Don’t worry! You can click HERE and become a POP Bag Insider for free, so you never have to worry about missing another opening night event again!

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Pip Pip Hooray! Pipcorn is Coming to The POP Bag!

We are just pipping with excitement to announce that Pipcorn has popped into our POP bags! If you want to come try this adorably delicious treat be sure to come to our event this Friday, July 21st!

Pipsnacks is a New York City based snack company founded by two siblings, Jeff and Jen Martin. It all started with Jen’s job in a Chicago natural foods store. At work, she was given an unusual breed of mini corn kernels.

Fast-forward a few days and her brother Jeff came to help her move apartments. Both were starving after a  long day of hard work, but Jen’s new apartment was empty. All she had to eat were the mini corn kernels, so she got creative and decided to pop them making the best popcorn the sibling duo had ever shared.

Fast-forward another two years and Pipcorn was created. The siblings found success through their hard work and dedication, but their biggest boost came from an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. Jeff and Jen pitched their brilliant idea and were able to persuade investor, Barbara Corcoran to invest in them. With her help they have expanded tremendously and can be found in stores across the nation!

These mini kernels are popped in small batches and are hand seasoned. All bags of Pipcorn are all natural, gluten free, non-gmo, vegan, and whole grain. Additionally, the small, delicate hull on the kernels is able to break into tiny pieces. This means no more hard pieces getting stuck in your teeth or upsetting your stomach. Pipcorn comes in seven unique flavors including: Ghee, Cheddar, Salt and Vinegar, Truffle, Sea Salt, Kettle, and Rosemary.

For more information about Pipcorn click HERE!

Our promotion will be held at Cinepolis Chelsea New York City, beginning at 4:30 pm on Friday, July 21st, while supplies last! Buy your tickets HERE! To Become a POP Bag INSIDER and be the first to know about upcoming events, giveaways, and more! Click HERE to join for free.

Pip Pip Hooray! Pipcorn is coming to the POP Bag!
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Monkeying Around with Bandar Foods

Bandar has been putting an Indian spin on American foods since 2012 and now their unique snacks are POPPING into Cinepolis Chelsea! Bandar’s baked Naan chips will be available in the POP Bag for our War for the Planet of the Apes event taking place this Friday, July 14th.

Indian heritage paired with a love for spicy foods gave birth to their first product: squeezable chutney. Lalit and and Dan met during school and began to wonder why Americans were okay with how odd their jarred chutney looked. They took to the kitchen with the help of Lalit’s family recipes and thus Bandar was born.

The world’s first squeezable chutneys make Indian flavors accessible for any meal. They come in five different flavors to allow you to add flavor to any meal. The can be used to top indian dishes or burgers, fries, pizza, and sushi.

After a Kickstarter campaign and promoting the brand at trade shows, Bandar began to take off. They expanded to include Naan chips and Poppadums as well.

With naan bread as a staple and favorite part of Indian meals, the founders wanted to make it available for easy, every-day snacking. Baked into airy, crispy chips these Naan bites have 60% less fat than the leading brand of pita chips. They also come in 3 delicious flavors: Garlic, Tikka Masala, and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Poppadums are another play on an Indian classic. Papads are a traditional appetizer served at most meals. Poppadums makes them available as an everyday snack with no cooking involved. They’re baked from primarily lentil flour giving them 5g of protein and 50% less fat than traditional potato chips.

For more information on their products and Bandar foods click HERE.

Our event will be held at Cinepolis Chelsea New York City, beginning at the War for the Planet of the Apes 4:20 pm showtime on Friday, July 14th, while supplies last! Buy your tickets HERE! To Become a POP Bag INSIDER and be the first to know about upcoming events, giveaways, and more! Click HERE to join for free.

Monkeying around with Bandar Foods
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Live Lively with Emmy’s Organics

What’s better than a cookie? A cookie made with organic, non-GMO super-foods. Emmy’s Organics founder’s Ian and Samantha used a recipe Ian made to create a coconut cookie empire focused on good, real treats and responsible business practices. Lucky for you, the POP Bag has managed to snag some for our upcoming War for the Planet of the Apes event.

Emmy’s came to be when founder Ian created a recipe that would be gluten, dairy, and other intestinal irritant free. He later shared this recipe with his girlfriend Samantha, a self-proclaimed health-nut. The two realized the opportunity they had with an easy recipe and clean ingredients.


After selling these delicious super-food bites at the Ithaca Farmers Market and local Greenstar Co-op, they garnered a large customer base. With continued hard work and some luck, they managed to get into retailers across the nation and in Canada. They only continue to grow.

However, Emmy’s is not letting the success go to their head. As a certified B Corporation since 2013, they are consistently striving to do better for themselves, the environment and their community. Emmy’s prides themselves on their composting, recycling, and reusing practices. They continually find new ways to give back to their community and provide flexible, generous benefits to their employees; showing that businesses can make a difference.

For more information about Emmy’s Organics, click HERE.

Our event will be held at Cinepolis Chelsea New York City, beginning at the War for the Planet of the Apes 4:20 pm showtime on Friday,  July 14th, while supplies last! Buy your tickets HERE! To Become a POP Bag INSIDER and be the first to know about upcoming events, giveaways, and more! Click HERE to join for free.

Live Lively with Emmy's Organics!
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POPPERS Will Go Bananas for Justin’s New Snack!

It all started in the food processor of his home kitchen in 2004 and took years to perfect. Now,  Justin Gold’s nut butter stands on shelves of some of the most popular retailers. In less than a decade,  Justin transformed his small business idea into a multi-million dollar nut empire. We’re impressed with the story of how Justin’s came to be, and are ready to give you the scoop!

Although it took years of hard work, the way Justin’s was named is a funny story. As quickly as new ideas came to him, a new nut butter flavor was created. And having so many great ideas meant that there was a lot of nut butter filling the shelves of his Boulder home. It didn’t take long for his roommates to discover these tasty treats and start stealing and snacking. To prevent this thievery,  Justin started scribbling his name on the jars. This trick didn’t work, but it gave him a great business idea!

We’re going nuts for Justin’s and we know you will too! With plenty of delicious flavors like Maple Almond, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Honey Peanut, you’re sure to find one you’ll love. But Justin’s doesn’t just make nut butters. Our Poppers are getting exclusive access to a new exciting snack that just entered the market…

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Justin’s snack packs. Pretzel sticks paired with a creamy nut butter dip. Sounds good right? But Justin’s has changed the game with the NEW banana chip and peanut butter packs. Now you can conveniently carry the classic duo without any hassle. We’ve already given the snack packs a taste, and have fallen in love! Crispy banana chips with creamy and rich peanut butter are our current obsession. We’re confirming that this is definitely the best tasting nut butter on the planet!

We love Justin’s so much that we’ve teamed up for our next opening night event… War for the Planet of The Apes! On July 14th you can taste the new snack packs for yourself at Cinepolis Chelsea Cinema in NYC. To stay tuned for showtimes and more information become a Pop Bag Insider HERE to be the first to know about everything that’s POPPING.

For more information about the brand, be sure to click HERE

ur event will be held at Cinepolis Chelsea New York City, beginning at the War for the Planet of the Apes 4:20 pm showtime on Friday,  July 14th, while supplies last! Buy your tickets HERE!

POPPERS will go bananas for Justin's new snack!
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Join the club POPPERS, The New York Times Film Club!

Friday,  July 14th is our screening event for War for the Planet of the Apes. Please come enjoy the film and our exciting brand offerings, exclusively for our POPPERS.

This month our POPPERS will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive offer from The New York Times Film Club at two of The POP Bag’s opening night promotions this July.

With a film club membership, POPPERS can take advantage of the following offers:

  •      Choice of 12 preview screenings of new films
  •      Access to red carpet premieres and special events
  •      Exclusive members-only access to unreleased independent films, documentaries, and film festival favorites
  •     Talks with film talent and Times journalists
  •      Discounts on select merchandise at The New York Times Online Store
  •      $5 members-only discount on up to 4 tickets to select TimesTalks film-related live events

For more information, click HERE.

Not a New York POPPER? That’s A-OK! The New York Times Film Club also offers club memberships in Los Angeles and San Francisco for all of those West Coast movie lovers.

Become a POP Bag INSIDER and be the first to know about upcoming events, giveaways, and more! Click HERE to join for free.

ur event will be held at Cinepolis Chelsea New York City, beginning at the War for the Planet of the Apes 4:20 pm showtime on Friday,  July 14th, while supplies last! Buy your tickets HERE!

Join the club, POPPERS, The New York Times Film Club!
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Best Patriotic Movies of All Time

Independence Day is just around the corner and people are preparing. While it’s a good idea get ready by stocking up on sunscreen, fireworks, and snacks, this year why not prepare by getting in the mood with a good movie! Here’s a list of some of the best patriotic movies that will make you feel proud to be an American:

  1. Patriots Day (2016): This recent film is based on the Boston Marathon bombing that took place in 2013. Emotions may run wild, since the event is so fresh in America’s mind, but it is impossible to not swell with pride throughout the relentless search for the bombers.
  2. Argo (2012): Another relatively new movie, that highlights the success of America, despite the efforts of other nations. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch the hostages attempt to sneak out of Iran, but nothing is as inspiring as watching fellow Americans try to save each other.
  3. American Sniper (2014): The amazing story of Navy S.E.A.L. Chris Kyle, one of the best snipers in American history. This film shines light on the sacrifices members of the armed forces make both physically and mentally. Kyle’s passion for our nation and our veterans is infectious. 
  4. Saving Private Ryan (1998): An American classic, telling the tale of a group of US soldiers’ experiences on D-Day. Nothing is more heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring than watching what a man is willing to risk to save a fellow soldier. 
  5. Zero Dark Thirty (2012): A behind the scenes look at all the hard work Navy S.E.A.L Team 6 put into finding one of America’s biggest enemies: Osama bin Laden. Telling the story of the 10 year hunt to find him, this film will make anyone feel proud. 
  6. Hacksaw Ridge (2016): The unlikely story of how Army Medic Desmond T. Doss became an American hero without bearing any arms. Follow along this not-so-typical war story and see how Doss became the first soldier in history to win the Congressional Medal of Honor without firing a single weapon. A story that reminds us all: we can protect our country no matter what our beliefs may be. 
  7. Forrest Gump (1994): Rounding out our list is a film quite different from the others. While it is not a war movie or a movie about terrorists, it showcases much of American history. Watch Forrest unknowingly stumble into some of the most historic moments. Forrest reminds us that with optimism and dedication anything is possible, and after all isn’t that the American Dream?

While these are just seven of our favorites, there are still an abundance of movies to choose from. Some other great options include: Glory, Born on the Fourth of July, Miracle, Black Hawk Down, Lincoln, and United 93. Let us know in the comments below which of these movies you’ll be watching this Fourth of July weekend! Also, let us know if we forgot to mention one of your favorites!

Check out The POP Bag's picks for best patriotic movies of all time!
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Top Summer Blockbusters of All Time

Here are the top five summer blockbuster movies of all time! See if you can find any of your favorites on this list.

  1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982): This all-time classic for all ages comes in at number one on the list. Featuring the kindest alien in theaters, this film is an excellent portrayal of childhood. It shows the beauty and mystery that children can find in the world. A must watch for anyone and everyone.
  2. Mad Max (2015): Fury Road: A newer film, but it’s an integral part of an old series. It breathes life into the dying, post-apocalyptic franchise started by George Miller by adding to the narrative. While it is not a movie for everyone, thrill seekers and adventurers alike will enjoy this one.
  3. Inside Out (2015): Pixar’s big comeback of 2015. This one-of-a-kind animated film appeals to children, as well as adults. The portrayal of emotions and internal turmoil evokes all of the emotions in the viewer. A truly, feel good film for the whole family.
  4. Toy Story 3 (2010): The long awaited second sequel of the franchise that brought children and nostalgic adults to theaters. The missing puzzle piece to the story allowed viewers to find out exactly what happened to Andy’s toys. A wholesome coming of age story, inspiring others that change is okay.
  5. Alien (1979): Rounding out the top 5, is sci-fi classic Alien. While these aliens are not as friendly or cute as E.T., the movie is a classic that will never lose its edge for as long as humans fear the unknown. This film is a must see for any horror fanatic.


What films this summer do you think will make the all time summer blockbusters list? Want to be a part of their rise to fame? Become a POP Bag insider and never miss out on an event again, so you can be first to see the summer’s next biggest hit.

Top Summer Blockbusters of All Time by The POP Bag
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Coming Soon: The Dark Tower

After 10 years of ongoing work, the long-awaited movie adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling series The Dark Tower is making it to the big screen. With the premier date pushed back multiple times, King fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to see the $60 million work to come to life. However, critics are apprehensive to see if director Nikolaj Arcel has really delivered.

The film’s official trailer was released on May 3rd by Sony Pictures. Since the posting on YouTube, three new TV spots have also been released, but critics are not happy. The 30-second commercials are brief and to-the-point. They establish the protagonist as gunslinger Ronald Deschain (Idris Elba) and the villain as sorcerer Walter Padick (Matthew McConaughhey). However, they do not provide any other substance. The clips are essentially snippets from the full-length trailer.

The lack of plot development does not give the movie a good look. So far, it is coming across as a stereotypical action movie, despite the sci-fi styling. This is making it seem like the film itself will not stand up to the powerful, eight-novel series. On the other hand, true King fans are not deterred because of the big plans Arcel has for the film.

The movie is intended to be just one piece of a larger franchise. Arcel has already begun branching off the books by making the movie act as a sequel. While the plot is claimed to address important parts of all the books, it also continues the story of Deschain and his fight against Padick. Following the full-length film in 2018, there is going to be a TV series coming with Elba set to continue his role as Ronald Deschain. The series is supposed to fill in the gap in the plot between the books and the films.

With all of these speculations, it is important to remember that the trailer is not the full movie. There is no way to tell if the movie is a hit or flop until it is in theaters on August 4. Once it hits the big screen, we’ll update you to let you know how it turns out.

In the mean-time, Stephen King fans, tell us: do you think that the film will be a hit? How do you feel about the following TV series?

Coming Soon: The Dark Tower, starring Idris Elba
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Must-Watch Movies for Summer 2017


We are excited because it’s almost summer! Summer brings nice weather, ice cream, barbecues, & blockbuster movies. There are a few movies we are excited to see and would love to share them with you. Check out our must-watch movies for Summer 2017 below:

The Mummy

Must-Watch movies for Summer 2017

This action packed film hits theaters on June 9th and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s a modern day reboot of the older Mummy film, but this time starring Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, & Sofia Boutella. In this film, the ancient princess is awakened from her crypt, ready to do what it takes to get back what was rightfully hers. Check out the trailer here.

Cars 3

Must-Watch Movies for Summer 2017

Lightning McQueen(voiced by Owen Wilson) is back and ready to show the others that he’s still the best race car in the world. He wants to prove to the new generation that he can be just as good as them. Think he can do it? See for yourself when the film hits theaters June 16th.

Despicable Me 3

Must-Watch movies for Summer 2017

Oh brother! In this third installment of the Despicable Me series, main character Gru(voiced by Steve Carell) meets the twin brother he never knew he had named Dru. This highly anticipated sequel hits theaters June 30th.

Spider Man: Homecoming

Must-Watch Movies for 2017

Another Spider-Man reboot? Yes, but this one combines Spider-Man(played by Tom Holland) with other beloved action heroes – Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr) & Captain America(Chris Evans). Spider-Man just finished a stint with The Avengers and is looking forward to returning to a normal highschool life – that is until the Vulture appears. Check out this exciting film when it hits theaters on July 7th.

War for the Planet of the Apes

Must-Watch Movies for 2017

In this new Planet of the Apes film, Caesar(Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced into a war with an army of humans led by Colonel(Woody Harrelson). The apes suffer imaginable losses, which brings Caesar on a quest to avenge his kind. As he comes face to face with the Colonel, the battle begins that will determine the fate of both species and the future of the planet. It hits theaters July 14th but you can check out the trailer here.

What movies are you looking forward to seeing this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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